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Tea Bag Beer

Mr. Brewski has discovered Tea Lager Beer Enhancers, 10
organic blends available separately or in a sampler pack of
five. Each foil packet contains six tea bags, with instructions
to dangle one sachet in 12 ounces of beer for 5 to 10
minutes. (You can leave it in longer for extra flavor, but too
long an exposure turns the beer cloudy and flat.)  I bought a
couple of tallboys and experimented to see what kind of
salvage job the teas could do on mass-market yellow lager.
Cream Earl Grey, combining bergamot orange and vanilla,
added body and a smooth, citrusy flavor to an otherwise wan
and watery Coors Light. Provence Rooibos, which promised
“ripe berry notes” and “mild lavender,” contributed a nice
floral bouquet to a glass of Budweiser.

tea has three effects on beer. First, it tends to block the
sensory pathways that detect bitter, making the beer taste
sweeter. Second, the tea makes the beer foam up, purging
excess CO2 that would otherwise wind up in the drinker’s
stomach. Finally, the tea delivers a mild hit of caffeine.
For drinkers who want to avoid caffeine, they have several
uncaffeinated, ersatz tea blends, including Harbor Breeze and
On the Waterfront, which derive their flavor from a mix of
dried fruit, spices and flower petals. Just remember tea is
It tends to blend in with the beer unlike coffee.

Capital Teas’ biggest rival is Baltimore-based  Hop Theory.
They recently raised $25,000 on Kickstarter and are now in
production. One pouch will contain 12 sachets at a retail price
of $14.95, Each sachet can transform up to four 12-ounce
beers, which works out to an economical 31-cent upgrade.
Craft beer that goes for  $6, $7 or $8 a bottle, might be
unaffordable for many people but they can buy cheap macros
and transform it with tea (however it's not miracle worker).
You don't say.....
Figures from a World Health Organisation report showed
that the average person from the UK drank almost double
the global average. Britons last year drank the equivalent of
an average of 12.3 litres of pure alcohol, while the global
average was 6.4 litres.
Trillium and Tree House have 75% of all the top
Hoppy Pales on RateBeer's top 250.
In a nod to its German heritage, Leinenkugel Brewing  is
collaborating with Hofbrau the German brewery founded in
1589, to create "Leinenkugel's Anniversary Lager," in
celebration of its 150th anniversary this year.
Metal and beer: Deftones jump into arena with Iron Maiden,
Mastadon, and other bands with the creation of their own
branded beer. We'll pass until there's Beatles Beer.
A-B InBev the world's largest beer company, makers of
Budweiser, and many others announced it's investing
$2 billion in American brewing operations over the next four
years to make their beer 'more sophisticated'.  Silly us, we
thought they'd want to make it better.
The Bruery just announced a private investment by Castanea
Partners.  At least they didn't sell out to InBev.
The entire South African hops market has been cut off from
independent American craft brewers thanks to InBev. Those
hops, are now earmarked InBev’s “The High End” division.
Roughly 20 percent of the 50 largest craft breweries
in the US call California home. Ballast Point and Lagunitas
no longer meet the definition of craft and are off the list.
Ya gotta love these guys
Casey Stengel (baseball manager)
“We are in such a slump that even the ones
that aren't drinking aren't hittin'. "

Alec Waugh
“Human beings are at their best in bars."

Richard Burton
“I have to think hard to name an interesting
person who does not drink beer" ”

Mel Carter
Up to the age of 40 eating is beneficial.  
After forty, drinking beer."
Hunter Thompson
"As your attorney  I advise you to drink heavily."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
He who has not been at a tavern knows not
what a paradise is.

Jamie Artismo
“Three things I shall never attain:
wealth, contentment, and sufficient beer.”

Bill Keeper
It is better for good beer to pass through the lips of
swine than through the lips of a Bud drinker."
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