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Hero Saves Beer

When fire broke out inside a home in Sioux Falls, South
Dakota, police say Michael Casteel rushed inside his
apartment, in defiance of first responders' orders, to save
what he held most dear - two cans of Bud Ice Premium.
The bumbling beer lover's valiant act landed Casteel in jail on
two counts of obstruction. A spokesperson for the Sioux
Falls Police Department slammed Casteel's suds-saving
heroics as an instance of 'poor judgement.'

While first responders were busy treating resident on the
scene, police say Casteel pushed past officers and firefighters
to repeatedly re-enter the burning multifamily residence.

Sadly the 56-year-old bad beer aficionado did not get to enjoy
a cold one for all his labors because he was arrested on the
spot and taken to Minnehaha County Jail, where he is being
held on $300 bail. It took responding fire units about 10
minutes to put out the flames. The cause of the house fire is
still being investigated,

Mr. Casteel allegedly has a history of run-ins with the law,
most of them alcohol-related.Last month, he was arrested on
a drunken-driving charge and driving with an open container
of alcohol, and in April 2016, he was convicted of a DUI.

Even if true, to Mr. Brewski, his heroic act clears his slate
despite the fact that he saved Bud Ice.  If you've never
experienced a Bud Light count your lucky stars.  However,
Mr. Brewski reminds you that all beer, even that notorious
example of brewers taking the money and running, are worth
savings - as long as it's only two cans.
You don't say.....
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known as
avid homebrewers (and whiskey and winemakers). They are
documented to have made far more beer and spent far more
time thinking about beer than any other Presidents in history.
Pico, the keurig of home brewing, has a new, more price
friendly model out that they say will let you brew your
own craft beer in less than a week. No fun in that..
Two-row and six-row barleys are named for the number of
kernels arranged on each stalk of barley. Craft brewers tend
to prefer the two-row variety, while mass-production
breweries in the U.S. generally use six-row.
Substitute beer for the water in any standard pancake
recipe or mix. for a special breakfast. Using beer instead
of water makes the pancakes incredibly fluffy, and
imparts just a hint of beer flavor. - so add more beer.
Brunch cocktails can be made with beer, too. Add a well
carbonated ale such as kölsch to orange juice, and the
bubbles will have the proper effect.. Also you can substitute
any decent lager for the vodka in a Bloody Mary.
Stone Brewing Co.’s latest sudsy creation is nicknamed:
“Toilet to tap.”The California brewery’s new beer is made
with treated wastewater from San Diego’s demonstration
Pure Water Facility to show its effectiveness.
About 90 percent of the beer being consumed in Africa
is monopolized by four global companies: SABMiller,
Heineken, Castel, and Diageo.
Ya gotta love these guys
Dorothy Parker
“Three be the things I shall never obtain: envy,
content, and sufficient beer." ."

Mark Twain
“If you can't make it to seventy without cigars
and whiskey, it ain't worth going!"

William Faulkner
“There is a lot of nourishment in an acre
of barley and another of hops." ”
John Mooney
"If your doctor warns you to watch your
drinking then find a bar with a mirror."

Oscar Levant
I don't drink beer.  I don't like it.  
It makes me feel too good..

Louis Pasteur
“A bottle of strong ale contains more philosophy
than all the books in the world.”
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