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Coffee DUI

Joseph Schwab was charged by the Solano County district
attorney with misdemeanor driving under the influence of a
drug. As of now the only evidence the DA has provided of
his intoxication is a blood test showing the presence of
caffeine.  Shcwab was driving home from work when he
was pulled over by an agent from the California department
of alcoholic beverage control, who was driving an unmarked
vehicle. The agent said Schwab was driving erratically.

The 36-year-old union glazier was given a breathalyzer test
which showed a 0.00% blood alcohol level, his attorney said.
He was booked into county jail and had his blood drawn, but
the resulting toxicology report came back negative for
benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, THC, carisoprodol ),
methamphetamine/MDMA, oxycodone, and zolpidem. The
sole positive result was for caffeine.

“It’s really stupid,” said Jeffrey Zehnder, a forensic
toxicologist who frequently testifies in court cases. Over 41
years, Zehnder said, he had never seen a prosecution for
driving under the influence of caffeine. California vehicle
code defines a “drug” as any substance besides alcohol that
could affect a person in a manner that would “impair, to an
appreciable degree” his ability to drive normally.

Making that case with caffeine would be difficult, Zehnder
said, because the prosecutor would have to show that
impaired driving was specifically caused by the caffeine and
not any other circumstances. “There are no studies that
demonstrate that driving is impaired by caffeine and beside
that, no one cares if you drink too much coffee."
You don't say.....
Guinness has recently replaced the widget system from their
bottled "draught" beer with a coating of cellulose fibres on
the inside of the bottle. This new bottling technology enables
the mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to be present in
the beer making it, according to Guinness, "more drinkable".
In 1691,John Lofting, who held a patent for a fire engine:
designed the first beer engine which could draw from
20 to 30 barrels an hour,
Guinness Extra Stout brewed in North America lacks
isinglass, a fish product still used in Guinness Draught to
refine the brew so it is vegan friendly. The beer is also the
oldest of the Guinness clan, first crafted in 1759.
If the United States had the same number of breweries per
capita as Germany (USA population is over 3.8x bigger),
that would mean 5,000 breweries which is the current level.
There is no evidence that any president brewed beer in
the White House until Barack Obama made (or ordered)
a White House Honey Brown Ale in 2011.
Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing has presented
Univ. of Calif. at  Davis with a $2 million gift to support the
campus’s brewing science program.
Budweiser is matured for twenty days. That's not as long as
the classic lagers of the Czech Republic and Germany but  
it's much than the 72 hrs. done by many leading brands
Ya gotta love these guys
Jimmy Cannon
“Fishing with me has always been and excuse
to drink beer in the early morning.”

Francis Rabelais
I drink no more ale than a sponge”

Samuel Johnson
"Claret is the liquor for boys, port for men; but he
who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy"

Glenn DeSoto
"Drink Beer!  It removes unsightly
flab and wrinkles."
W.C. Fields
"If beer were a woman I'd be married for sure."

Jeff Jones
"The hardest part about being a bartender is
figuring out who's drunk and who's a good tipper."

Sidney Greenstreet
"I distrust a man who says 'when'.  If he's got to
be careful not to drink too much it's because
he's not to be trusted when he does."

Johann Strauss
"A waltz and a big glass of ale invite an encore."
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