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Beer Pool for Health

An Austrian holiday resort offers
guests the chance to swim in a
pool containing 42,000
pints of beer.

The Starkenber Beer Myth Resort
located at the medieval castle of
Starkenberger in Austria's Tyrol
region filled seven 13-foot long
pools with the beer. Management
contends that beer baths heal
various skin diseases.

Some guests reportedly have
sampled the pool water during
the swims.
You don't say.....

The collecting of beer mats (coasters) is
called tegestology.

Guinness has now formed the Guinness
Party of Canada, and their main platform is  
to make St Patrick's Day a national holiday.
"The stretch between January and Easter,
almost three and half months without a
holiday, is far too long,"
says party leader Karen Cutaia.

Labatt tried last year to have a petition to get
a national beer holiday, and although the
marketing campaign was a huge success for
the company, the petition failed.


Many movie theaters across Canada sell beer,
wine, and coolers along with popcorn and ice
cream.  This follows the lead of Europe
where adult beverages are  widely
available  at the movies.
Too Warm Beer

Industry efforts to set aside the notion
that British "real ale" should be served
warm and flat apparently have fallen on
deaf ears. A survey of pubs across
England found that 44% of
pints exceed the suggested
serving temperature of
55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C).

Publicans in London, Essex, Middlesex,
Cambridgeshire and the West Midlands
all pulled pints measuring between 79
and 81 degrees F, and one in Kent
served beer at 95 F !!

Killer Beer

The China Daily News recently
reported that in the past six months
alone bursting beer bottles have killed
five people and injured an additional
52. The beer deaths topped the list of
China’s consumer complaints.

The Chinese government has released
no further details.

Ya gotta love these guys

Brian Daniel-
"If I saved all the money I've spent on beer, I'd spend it
on beer."

David Auerbach -
“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in
water there is bacteria.”

Oscar Levant -
"I don't drink beer; I don't like it -- it makes me feel good."
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