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Losers At Labatts

free beer allotment for Labatt brewery retirees — which was
part of the workers' pension benefit package for more than
five decades — will soon go flat. Labatt has announced the
long-standing perk will be phased out by Jan.1, 2019 because
it's too expensive. But workers call the cut petty when
compared to the company's ballooning revenues. Labatt said
the allotment for existing retirees would be cut in half in 2018
and cut off completely in 2019. Labatt, a formerly Canadian
beermaker, is now owned by Belgium-based global super-
producer Anheuser-Busch InBev. That's a publicly traded
company that owns more than 400 beer brands worldwide
and reported $55 billion in revenue in 2015 alone.

The union said a modest weekly allotment of free beer has
been a perk of working at the Edmonton brewery since plans
to open the facility were announced in 1962. As part of the
local union contract in Edmonton, each current employee
gets a Labatt gift card loaded with the equivalent cost of
52 cases of 12 beers (one case per week). On retirement, that
allotment continued for life — and then some. After
a Labatt pensioner died, their spouse was then entitled
to the same yearly free beer card.

Things started to change after Labatt first sold to a foreign
company in the 1990s. Starting in 2010, new hires saw a $10
drop in wages. The new starting wage was $24/hour,
compared to $34/hour for workers hired previously. New
employees also have to pay into their own pension.
You don't say.....
2016 was a record year for United States hop growers
with more acres in production than at any
other time in the country's history
Beer is a perishable foodstuff, same as anything else. It
won’t make one ill to drink “stale” beer, but it does degrade
over time, and generally should be consumed fresh
A recent Nielsen study that found 58% of American craft
beer drinkers crave more flavor options and 65% said they
are drinking more craft beer because it offers more variety.
A hitchhiker has completed a challenge to travel 5,000 miles
from the UK to India using only beer in exchange for rides
and accommodation. Manny Marshall, from Raw Safari, has
reachedl New Delhi after setting off from Edinburgh armed
with cans of Innis & Gunn’s IPA beer as his currency,
sharing them with strangers along the way.
Kansas, Utah, Minnesota are the only states still banning
full-strength beer sales at food markets.  Only 3.2% beer
can be sold there. Sorry folks.
Small Town Brewery's “Not Your Father’s Root Beer”
product notched more than $104 million in off-premise
sales. But sales in 2016;  are down an astonishing
75 percent over the last half of the year.
Ya gotta love these guys
Zeca Palomino
“Whiskey and Beer are a man’s worst enemies  
but the man that runs away from his enemies
is a coward!”

Charles Papazian
Buy a man a beer, and he wastes an hour.  
Teach a man to brew, and he wastes a lifetime.”

Michael Still
"Women and drink.  Too much of either can
drive you to the other”
Paracelsus, Greek physician
"A little bit of beer is divine medicine."

Ernest Hemingway
""It was a natural as eating and to me as
necessary, and I would not have thought of
eating a meal without drinking  beer."

Joe E. Lewis
"I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy
eating, and in fourteen days I lost two weeks."
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