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Big (Beer) Brother

Alabama's alcohol regulators want to know who is buying
beer from one of the state's craft breweries and taking it
home to drink.The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control
Board is considering a new rule that would require brewers
to collect the name, address, age and phone number from
anyone who purchases beer at a brewery for off-premise
consumption.   Industry groups are crying foul over the
proposed regulation, which they say is an invasion of privacy.
They also say it would be a logistical nightmare to collect the
information.The ABC hasn't publicly explained why it wants
detailed personal information about beer purchasers,
Supposedly the information would be used to verify
enforcement of the state's 288-ounce limit on the amount of
brew anyone can purchase at one time. Breweries would have
to come up with a way to gather the information and deal
with customers who don't want such information in the
government's hands.

No other state that collects information about consumers

Beat The Brewmaster

Beat The Brewmaster just announced its new mobile game
available for iPhone and Android.  Players will find over
48,000 beers listed with questions that will earn you points
which can be redeemed for real rewards.The app also has
hundreds of beer-related trivia questions for all levels of
knowledge. Correct answers help players gain points and
climb the leaderboard for bragging rights with friends.
You don't say.....
When Prohibition stopped the sale and production of
alcohol, the Joseph Schlitz Beverage Company of Milwaukee
began producing FAMO, “a pure non-intoxicating beverage”
that it claimed was both healthful and refreshing,
House Beer, a brewery based in southern California has
created a beer they call the "Coors Light of Craft Beer".
They claim it tastes good to keep craft drinkers happy, but
is not so strong or full of flavor that it is a craft session
brew. Ah sure....just what beer drinkers were looking for.
One of the fastest growing styles of beer in the USA is so-
called Northeast-style IPA.  It's typically hazy, low in
bitterness, and most importantly, juicy as Tropicana.
U.S. hop production is set to increase by double-digits
once again in 2016, according to a new report from the
Hop Growers of America (HGA).According to the group,
more than 53,200 acres of hops were strung for harvest in
the U.S. this year, which represents more than 8,300 new
acres – an 18.5 percent increase over last year.
A cloudy beer can be a sign of a low-quality. If there are
issues with yeast and its fermentation, certain adjuncts or,
filtration, tiny particles remain suspended in a beer, murking
it up and contributing off-putting flavors. But remember that
is not always true since the beer may have had massive
amounts of hops to beers late in the brewing process which
for hop heads is a very good thing.
Ya gotta love these guys
Ron White
“I didn't want to be DRUNK. IN. PUBLIC.
I wanted to be drunk in a BAR.
I was THROWN. into. public.”

Susan Juby
“Wetting one's pants because of too many beers
is no kind of self-esteem builder.”

Mary Renault
“We Persians have a saying that one should
deliberate serious matters first after many,
many beers, then sober.”
Brad Rehies
“Beer keeps mein a highly drunken
state of divinity.”

Ashley Jade
““Whoever said that a drunk mind speaks sober
thoughts...was clearly still drunk off their ass."

Jack Sparrow
“Jack Sparrow: [empties bottle of rum] Why is the
rum always gone? [stands up and staggers
drunkenly] Oh... that's why.”
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