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The Death of Craft
Is craft beer dying? There's no denying the industry is
slowing as craft beer sales this year have risen at less than
half the rate they did a year ago. And with more craft
breweries in existence now than at any time in the past, it
may be a case of the industry simply being diluted by its own
success. It certainly seems like there's reason to worry.
Market analysts say craft beer sales were up only 6.5% year
to date through June 15, compared to better-than-17%
growth in the same period last year.

The Brewers Association notes that if you remove just Blue
Moon and Shock Top from the IRI data set, craft beer
growth jumps to 9%. And industry site BevNet says that if
you also subtract Boston Beer, New Belgium Brewing, and
Sierra Nevada from the count, growth actually jumps to 16%.
What that means is that true craft beer isn't hurting -- it's just
the "crafty" beer made by the biggest brewers that is falling.

Eighteen Tons
It takes a lot of beers to collect 10 million bottle caps. But
Austria's Hans Heiland dsays that most of them have come
from others, many of them by mail, after his passion for
collecting beer bottle caps become known.Heiland, from the
town of Ybbs, west of Vienna, started his hobby five years
ago.tate broadcaster ORF said Thursday that his collection
now weighs 18 tons.Heiland recently sold the caps to a metal
collector for 1,500 euros ($1,700) and says he will deliver all
three truckfulls to the new owner Friday.He says he plans to
give the money to a needy family  that drinks beer.
You don't say.....
Nearly half of the more than 4,100 breweries in the United
States increased their capacity by 10 percent or more last
year, but according to the Brewers Association, the vast
majority of capacity in the country isn't expanding.
The Belgian Brewers’ Association has released a set of 60
emoji representing its members’ brews. Their emoji is
downloadable through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.
Luksus in Milwaukee is the first and only Michelin-starred
restaurant to serve only beer, no wine or cocktails.
Today, beer accounts for the single largest use
of aluminum in the world  thanks to increase in can usage.
According to a recent study conducted by the Harris Poll,
people who drink craft brews drink less than the average
American, pay more attention to what they eat and exercise
more regularly than those who prefer cheaper beer.
Venezuela's  largest brewery, Polar, has obtained a loan to
resume production. They make most of the country's  beer
brands. The shutdown was blamed on a barley shortage.
Special Ed's Brewery in Sacramento CA released beers
called "Ride the Short Bus to Special Beer" and "Back of the
Bus Brown Ale," labeled as " 'tard tested, 'tard approved."
Criticism was so intense the brewery has shut down.
Ya gotta love these guys
John Adams
"“I drink no cider but feast on Philadelphia beer!"

Artie Landon
“To me, to drink beer responsibly
means don't spill it."

Daniel Tabot
"I hate when people say that you don't need beer
to have fun. Well, you don't need running shoes
to run, but it damn sure helps."
Joan Rivers
“Of course size matters...
no one wants a small glass of beer!"

Joe E. Lewis
“I distrust camels, and anyone else who
can go a week without a beer."

George Burns
"My  doctor told me to have eight glasses of water
a day.  I told him eight glasses of beer would be
much easier to do."
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