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Beer In Cuba
The ubiquitous fridges that dispense beer in Cuba’s bars,
cafes and petrol stations are running out of the island’s
favourite Cristal and Bucanero brands as a surge in American
tourists and the proliferation of new private watering holes
put the nation’s main brewery under strain.  Bucanero, a joint
venture between the Cuban government and Belgium’s
Anheuser Busch InBev, also makes the Communist-led
country’s most widely consumed brew, Cristal.

Local media reported that Cuba’s breweries signed contracts
this week for more than 33 million cases of beer considerably
more than their current production capability will allow.
Bucanero is reportedly planning to import 3m cases of beer
from Dominica to keep up with demand.
Cuba received a record 3.5 million visitors last year, up 17%
from 2014. American visitors rose 77% to 161,000.

Phone Beer Beacons
If you’ve ever walked into a bar or a beer hall and froze in
confusion  staring at a line of taps  a craft brewery has a
technology to help.  Schlafly Beer, of St. Louis, the largest
locally owned and independent craft brewery in Missouri, will
be utilizing smart phone beacons, called the TapTalker, on
taps. The technology allows the beer maker to connect
directly with beer drinkers via a new mobile app, right at the
point of purchase. Schlafly fans will receive notifications
about drink specials, tasting notes, new beer releases, and
more than 50 unique styles of beer they make.
You don't say.....
Presidential candidate Ted Cruz said he may not be a guy
people want to drink beer with, but "if you want someone
to drive you home, I will get the job done."
Sam Adams Utopias is aged in used spirits barrels—some
being 22-years-old. Only 15,000 bottles are sold during each
release, which occurs every two years since 2002
The Chinese are officially drinking more beer than
Americans—making them the world’s largest beer market.
In 2015, they drank almost two times (about 25 billion liters)
tmore than Americans, who downed about 18 billion liters,
Anheuser-Busch InBev is at it again.  They have just
Birra del Borgo one of the leading craft
brewers in Italy. AB InBev now has approximately 150,000
employees based in 25 countries around the world.
Rhode Island law allows for a maximum of 72 ounces per
visitor at a brewery tasting room. Many other states have a
higher limit or none at all. Nearby Connecticut's limit is 9
liters; Massachusetts doesn't have one
CNBC's Battle of the Beer Labels was won by Creature
Comforts Brewing's Koko Buni edging out Black Hog
Brewing's Ginga Ninja.  
The designs (neither of which Mr. Brewski likes):
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Ya gotta love these guys
H. Jackson Brown
"If you know someone who tries to drown their
sorrows in beer, you might tell them sorrows
know how to swim."

Jimmy Breslin
“Don't trust a brilliant idea unless it
survives the hangover.”

Corey Mohler
"The bad taste of alcohol is there to clue in your
body that you shouldn't drink it. Luckily I don't
fall for "appeal to nature" fallacies."
David Daye
“[O]ne sip of this brew
Will bathe the drooping spirits in delight
Beyond the bliss of dreams."

Robert Heinlein
“Be wary of strong drink. It can make you
shoot at tax collectors... and miss.".

Patrick Jaynes
A perfect beer is like an angel
dancing on your tongue.”
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