mR. bReWski says.......
5 Rules of
Beer Drinking

1.After your tenth beer, do not
look at yourself in the mirror. It
will shake your confidence.

2. If you owe someone twenty
dollars or less, you may pay
them back in beer.

3. If you bring Old Milwaukee to
a party, you must drink at least
two cans of it before you start
drinking the good beer
someone else brought.

4. Asking a bartender what beers
are on tap when the handles are
right in front of you is the
equivalent of saying,
“I'm an idiot.”

5. If there is ever any confusion,
the fuller beer is yours.
You don't say.....

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Daytona Beach Bans Brews

One of the famed Spring Break destination
spots has gone full circle by making it
illegal to drink a beer outside the store
where it was bought.
Open containers or consumption of alcohol
outside any business that sells beer, wine
or liquor can now bring in a $500 fine and
up to 60 days in jail.  
George Washington's
Beer Recipe
(Note: Following this recipe exactly will
result in a beer with an alcohol content
of about 11 percent)

Take a large siffer full of bran hops
to your taste-boil these 3 hours.
Then strain our 30 gall[o]n into a
cooler put in 3 gall[o]n molasses
while the beer is scalding hot or
rather draw the molasses into the
cooler. Strain the beer on it while
boiling hot, let this stand till it is little
more than blood warm. Then put in
a quart of ye[a]st if the weather is
very cold cover it over with a
blank[et] let it work in the
cask-Leave the bung open till it is
almost done working-Bottle it that
day week it was brewed."

(Recipe courtesy Precious Book
Department, New York Public Library.
Spelling and punctuation have been left
in their original form
Ya gotta love these guys

Washington Irving-
They who drink beer will think beer.

Noel Coward -
"I'm not a heavy drinker, I can sometimes go for hours
without touching a drop."

NF Simpson -
"Reality is an illusion created by a lack of alcohol."

Robert Benchley -
"I know I'm drinking myself to a slow death, but then I'm
in no hurry."