mR. bReWski says.......
Secrets Revealed by Mr. Brewski

So you want to know some of my secrets about beer?  I'll let
you in a few as long as you promise not to tell anyone.

Paper Bottle Opener
Fold a sheet of paper in half vertically four times, then once
lengthwise to create a long and thick V-shaped piece.
Compress and wedge the folded paper under the bottle cap
with one hand while gripping the top of the neck with the
other (the paper should rest between your index finger and
the cap). Then pop the bottle open with one sharp maneuver.

Beer Chiller
Wrap a dampened paper towel around the body of a beer
bottle. Then, place the wrapped bottle in the freezer for 15
minutes or so. 15 minutes or so later and you'll have an ice
cold brew in your hands!
Instant Cool
If you need to chill multiple bottles at once, toss them into a
small tub along with ice and water. Next add salt--yes,
salt--to the tub, which will lower the water's freezing point
and leave you with significantly colder beers!
Cool a Pitcher
A genius way to ensure your pitcher of beer stays nice and
cool is to fill a plain cup with ice, then gently place it into the
pitcher--the cup will stay afloat while the ice inside will keep
the pitcher's temperature down!.
You don't say.....
Remember Studebaker?  Well it's no longer a car it's now
the brand name of  pre-mixed cocktails featuring Manhattan,
and Old Fashioned.  What's next, Ford Champagne?
The world's largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev,
makes 97 billion pints every 12 months.With 140 breweries
in 25 countries, and a 21% share of all global beer sales,
Currently there are 1,570 brewpubs operating in the United
States a record.  Also, the American Homebrewers Assoc.
says there are 1.5 MILLION homebrewers in the USA.
China already drinks one-quarter of the world's beer a
SABMiller has a leading position with a 49 percent stake in
Snow, a joint venture with a state-owned partner that sold
11.8 billion liters (3 billion gallons) of suds last year, or more
than one out of every 20 glasses drunk worldwide.
As of Oct. 2015, there are 4,000 craft breweries in the
United States – up approximately 200 breweries since just
this past June 2015. That’s an average of ~2 new breweries
per day according to the Brewers Association.
Upcoming beer days - Learn to Homebrew Day Saturday,
November 7 International Stout Day Sunday, November 8
Ya gotta love these guys
Jarod Kintz
“I’m a competitor. I once placed
fifth in a bottle of whiskey.”

“By the first mouthful of beer I knew that I was
going to have too many that night. The drink
just tasted too good not to.”

Herman Smith
“Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink
too much beer. Then again, don't drink too little.”
Jarod Kintz
“A drunk can't follow a line of reasoning,
even if it is a double white line.”

John Kemble
“Woman first tempted man to eat; he took to
drinking beer of his own accord..”

Ron White
"I believe that when life gives you lemons, you make
lemonade — and then try to find someone whose
life is giving them vodka, and have a party.
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