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Baby Beer Label Battle

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan of NH vetoed a
measure that would have allowed some images
of minors on alcoholic beverage labels as long as
they didn't encourage young people to drink.

The issue came to a head over Founder's
Breakfast Stout.  The beer's label depicts a
chubby, Norman Rockwell-esque baby scooping
oatmeal into his mouth. Hassan said allowing the
images could undermine the state's efforts to
fight underage drinking.

Opponents to the governor said the veto is an
overreach and noted that neighboring
Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont sell the beer
and that no reasonable person would believe that
the label is intended to appeal to minors in
anyway. They also pointed out that a New
Hampshire-produced craft beer, Smuttynose
Baltic Porter, would have to come off the
shelves because its label shows Father Time and
a baby.  The federal government already
prohibits alcohol labeling or advertising that
targets minors. The vetoed bill would have given
the state's Liquor Commission discretion to
approve or deny labels.

The New Hampshire House then pushed back on
Gov. Maggie Hassan's veto as they reached the
two-thirds threshold to override it.. If the Senate
agrees, the veto will be officially overridden.
You don't say.....

Taco Bell says it will serve beer, wine and “mixed alcohol
freezes” at a new location in Chicago this summer. The
chain says the restaurant design planned for Chicago has
already been tested in South Korea, Japan and Britain.
You can drink too much water, and if you do, you can
develop a dangerous condition called hyponatremia, or water
intoxication. Exercise experts warn athletes not to overdrink
In 1600 BC Egypt, beer was used to treat over 100 illnesses.
Chinese Imperial Edict, in 1116 BC, stated that Gods
in heaven required people to drink beer.
In 1935 the canned beer industry was revolutionized by a
vinyl plastic liner developed for cans made out of tin.
When you open a bottle of beer, the air in the bottle
suddenly depressurises, condensing into a tiny
cloud of water vapour.
The size of the head on a pint decreases exponentially.
Lipstick or greasy fingers can stop a good head forming.
Barley was grown for five months in the Zvezda Service
Module on the International Space Station. It had extremely
limited results, though. The barley was only able to produce
250 six packs of beer. They were produced by Sapporo.
There’s about 2.5 pints of CO2 dissolved in a pint of beer.
When Arthur Guinness opened his own brewing company in
Dublin, he a 9,000-year lease that's good until  10,759!
Ya gotta love these guys
David Sedaris
“No amount of physical contact can match the
healing powers of a well made beer.”

Charles Bukowski
“I think I need a beer.'
'Almost everybody does only they don't know it.”

Arthur Littner
“I don't have a drinking problem
'Cept when I can't get a drink.”
Darynda Jones,
“I'm an optimist. I like to see the glass as
half full, hopefully of jack daniels.”

Jarod Kintz
“I ordered a beer and then I ordered another beer,
because why finish one when I can finish two?
Having only one is great for love, but bad for beer.”

Quentin R. Bufogle
“99% of all problems can be solved by money -- and
for the other 1% there's alcohol.”
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