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Made Sense at the Time

Police have arrested a man caught on
surveillance video smashing his SUV into the
Lucky 7 food store in Bakersfield, California,
early Sunday morning. The target of his theft?
Beer. And not in the quantity you might expect.  
The value of the five cans of beer he took was
probably $5,the damage, is well into the
thousands of dollars.

The highlight of the surveillance tape comes
when the man smashes through the store
window -- showing little regard for life and limb
-- then climbs onto the hood of the car, unsure
where to dismount amid the wreckage.
Eventually the man makes his way to the beer
aisle, doing his best to balance the cans and
bottles in his arms. He enters the SUV and backs
out of the store, as if the ice machine were just
another parking spot. An onlooker chased the
man until police managed to catch up with him.

Toilet To Tap

In the upcoming Pure Water Brew Challenge, an
Oregon wastewater treatment operator has asked
home brewers to make beer from treated sewer
water. The point of the contest is to get people
talking about how a vital resource can be reused
thanks to advanced water-filtration systems.

The utility will release 300 gallons of highly
purified water in June to roughly 20 home
brewers A panel of experts will judge the beers
in late July or early August. The victor wins
$100, five others will get $50
You don't say.....

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer  three gold, three silver and
two bronze medals since 2000 at the Great American
Beer Festival. Yes, that PBR.  
Did you ever notice that on Dos Equis Amber bottle the
amber is spelled “ambar”?  Didn't think so.
For best results open your growler within 7-10 days of
purchase then be sure to consume the beer within 24 hours
or risk significant carbonation loss.
Growlers are take-home containers. Buying a growler and
opening it anywhere but a private residence or a BYOB is an
open container violation in almost all states - it's illegal.
Mr. Brewski admits he loves the  a unique sound and
aroma you get when poping open a perfectly chilled can
of beer that you just don’t get from a bottle
Stuck in at a party with only cans of Bud Light?  Try this:
Pour two ounces of lemonade, fruit juice, or non-brown
soda into an empty pint glass. Add a full 12-ounce can of
the Bud Light. Top with another shot of the mixer.
And next time bring your own good stuff.
Hot day?  Try sucking on beer ice cubes.  Freeze some
cheap beer (don't ruin anything good with this tip) in an ice-
cube tray. Eventually you'll get beer firm-slush cubes
alcohol doesn’t freeze, but if you use a lower ABV brew
you'll create a mostly solid mass of really cold beer.

Try this with your frothy margaritas - add a shot of light-
flavored beer and forget egg whites or any such stuff.  It
might become your favorite semi-Mexican drink.
Ya gotta love these guys
Herman Smith-Johannsen
“Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink
too much. Then again, don't drink too little.”

Jimmy Breslin
“Don't trust a brilliant idea unless it
survives the hangover.”

Thomas de Quincy
“It is most absurdly said, in popular language, of
any man, that he is disguised in liquor; for, on the
contrary, most men are disguised by sobriety”
John Kemble
"Woman first tempted man to eat; he took to
drinking beer of his own accord”

Mignon McLaughlin
“The chief reason for drinking beer is the desire
to behave in a certain way, and to be able to
blame it on alcohol.”

Arnie Handley
"I'll stick with these double IPAs. Champagne is
just ginger ale that knows somebody. "
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