mR. bReWski says.......
Hooters Beer
Contest Scam

A Hooters restaurant waitress  
sued her employer over a
of the prize she won in a
beer-selling contest.

After the competition was over,
she was blindfolded and
taken to the parking lot
to claim the Toyota car she
claimed she was promised.

Instead, she received a
"toy-Yoda? Star Wars doll, while
all her fellow workers laughed.
She took the restaurant to
court where the judge ruled in
her favor and she was
awarded the car.
You don't say.....

Beer Hangman
Want to play the traditional game but only
about beer?  Try it here:

Frank The Tank

Try this one as Frank the Tank streaks to find six packs:
Most Beer Taps in the World!

Though the official confirmation from the
Guinness Book of World Records has yet
to arrive, the Yard House in Long Beach,
California is certain it’s a mere
formality at this point.

The Yard House now has 180 beers on tap,
pouring from 250 tap handles, connected
by 5 miles of beer lines.
Top Student Shows Why
She is So Smart

A Lancashire (UK) teenager who has
been crowned Student of the Year
said she would be spending her
prize money on beer.

Amy Carr, 19, beat 370,000 A-level
entrants to scoop the accolade at
an awards ceremony in London.

Miss Carr gained four A-levels at
Grade A in French, German, English
Literature and General Studies at
Lancaster Girls'  School.

Miss Carr, from Aughton near
Lancaster, said: "I couldn't believe it
when I found out I'd won because I
thought the exams went okay but I
didn't really work that hard.

I'll be spending my entire prize
cheque on German beer
to celebrate."
Ya gotta love these guys

Dave Barry-
When I heated my home with oil, I used an average of
800 gallons a year.  I have found that I can keep
comfortably warm for an entire winter with slightly over
half that quantity of beer.

Edward Abbey -
A beer a day keeps the shrink away.

Mae West -
Do you believe in Love at First Sight... or do I have to
buy you another beer?