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Space Martinis

For the stylish space voyager, sucking liquids
through a straw out of a foil bag is never going
to cut it. But a new Kickstarter venture hopes to  
produce a zero-gravity-friendly martini glass.
Created under the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project,
the glass is designed with a series of grooves
that prevent the liquid inside from forming into a
floating blob and instead guide it neatly towards
the mouth. Is a cosmic beer mug next?

Drink To Look Good
Want to seem more attractive to the opposite
sex? Drink one — exactly one — very large
glass of wine or an equal amount of strong beer.
That’s what a recent study by a group of
researchers at the University of Bristol
concluded. Forty heterosexual men and women
were then shown two images of a person, one
taken while the subject was sober, one after the
subject had consumed 250 ml of wine, and one
after 500 ml of wine (two-thirds of a bottle) had
been consumed. The photos of those who drank
250 ml wine were rated as more attractive,
followed by images of sober subjects. The
photos of those who had drank 500 ml were
considered least attractive. The researchers
attributed this to the increased facial flushing that
comes with consuming low amounts of alcohol,
along with additional muscle relaxation and subtle
smiles that portray a heightened positive mood
You don't say.....

Amstel set up a vending machine in Bulgaria that requires
you to stand still in front of it for three minutes.  If you
succeed the machine will dispense a free beer.  The machine
is part of a promotion called "the Amstel Pause".
To qualify as a "Budweiser" horse, a Clydesdale must be
bay-colored, at least 4 years old, have white stockings on all
4 feet, white faces, and black manes and tails.  They also
must stand at least 14 hands (about 6 feet at shoulder).
A recent study found that mosquitoes are more attracted
to beer drinkers than non-drinkers.  It seems that body
orders from consuming beer made the person easier to smell
and find.  No word if it makes you a more tasty nibble.
The Beer Institute and the Brewers Association are the two
most powerful beer lobby groups.  The former represents
the entire beer industry, the latter represents craft,
independent, and home brewers.  Their main area of
disagreement is on basing taxes on brewery size.
Launched in 1995, Blue Moon was created by Keith Villa
who decided a Belgian witbier would be more appealing to
Americans if it was smoother.  To do this he swapped out
unmalted wheat for oats and curacao for orange peels.
Boston Beer's Samuel Adams LongShot contest  is open to
all home brewers. The submission window is May 1-16 and
details are available at the company website. Winners will be
announce at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.
Ya gotta love these guys
Dan Hodge
“If you ever see me drinking a Bud Lite Lime, I
have been kidnapped and am trying to signal you.”

Artie Lands
“The best place to drink beer is at home. Or on a
river bank, if the fish don't bother you.”

Chelsea Handler
“ Word of Advice: If a cop pulls you over and says,
'You drinking?' Never respond with, 'You buying?'.”
Joe R. Reid
"“Whenever someone asks me if I want water with
my scotch, I say, I’m thirsty, not dirty.”

George Gobel
“I’ve never been drunk, but often
I’ve been overserved.”

Joe E. Lewis
““I distrust camels, and anyone else who can
go a week without a drink.”.
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