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Sewer Water Beer

Just when we thought craft beer couldn't get any
zanier, brewers in Oregon want to make it with
treated wastewater.  Clean Water Services says
it has an advanced treatment process that can
turn sewage into drinking water. The company,
which runs four wastewater treatment plants in
the Portland metro area, wants to show off its
"high-purity" system by turning recycled
wastewater into beer.  They asked the state for
permission to give its water to a group of home
brewers since no professional brewery wanted
to do it. But as of now, the state of Oregon
doesn't technically allow anyone to drink
wastewater, no matter how pure it is.

Cardboard Beer Bottles

Carlsberg has announced they are working a a
new type of beer bottle made from sustainably
sourced wood-fiber.  All materials used in the
bottle, including the cap, will be developed using
bio-based and biodegradable materials.  Andraea
Dawson, vice president said: “At Carlsberg we
are firm believers in the importance of a circular
economy in ensuring sustainable future growth"

Last year similar technology was developed by
UK-based GreenBottle, which marketed a line of
paper wine bottles in the US with the Paso
Robles winery. That company used a plastic
bladder inside a cardboard bottle, however
Carlsberg’s bottles are planned to be produced in
one piece using an inner coating that will
decompose naturally.The Carlsberg Group owns
500 beer brands including Kronenbourg,
Elephant, Tuborg, and Baltika.
You don't say.....

An ingredient in beer hops, xanthohumol (also known as
Xn) has been shown to protect the brains of mice from cell
damage. The American Chemical Society's Journal oreports
that that Xn was shown not only to fight free radicals but
also jump-start signaling and protect cells from neurotoxicity.
In the 13th century, it was common to
baptize children in beer.
The glass shape affects how much your hands warm up
your beer, and the flavour of beer is affected by its
temperature.  A thick glass, or one with a handle, protects
your beer from the heat of your hands and keeps it cooler.
Beers that taste better closer to room temperature prefer
a chalice glass that the drinker can cup.
King Federick the Great at one time banned coffee,
to boost beer sales..
In 1711 Boston panicked over a shortage of barley for beer
making and forbade any export of malt.  In 1846, in their
first major victory, temperance advocates succeeded in
bringing prohibition to Maine.
Hottest new trend is craft distilling with bourbon.  Having
nothing to do with that is the fact that
the beer can just
celebrated it's 80th birthday!
There’s about 2.5 pints of CO2 dissolved in a pint of beer.
Want to make your beer stronger?  Freeze it then pour the
available liquid into a glass and be careful of the ABV jump.
The denser the beer, the less alcohol it contains. Breweries
use a hydrometer that floats in the beer to calculate the
density of the beer and its alcohol content.
Ya gotta love these guys
Jim Butcher
“Laugh whenever you can. Keeps you from killing
yourself when things are bad. That and beer.”

Tom Waits
“I don't have a drinking problem 'Cept
when I can't get a beer.”

Dave Levithan
“I try to convince myself that it's the alcohol
talking. But alcohol can't talk. It just sits there. It
can't even get itself out of the bottle.”
Oscar Wilde
Beer, taken in sufficient quantities, may
produce all the effects of drunkenness.”

Robert A. Heinlein
“Be wary of strong drink, it can make you shoot
at the tax collector...and miss.”

Alex Levine
“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass
all four essential food groups: alcohol,
caffeine,sugar and fat.”
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