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Beer Confusion

Google Consumer Surveys latest report says
that  39.9 % of beer drinkers considered Blue
Moon (a so-called pseudo craft" beer) to be
authentically craft while, 39.2 %  identified
Samuel Adams, which does fit the Brewers'
Association (BA) definition of craft
Demonstrating the confusion of consumers,
Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada (BA approved as
craft ) were considered craft by just 25.4 and
26.7 %, respectively. Similarly, Redhook –  
which is partially owned by A-B InBev and also
deemed a “pseudo – was considered craft by
25.4 % of survey participants; Pyramid, which is
owned by North American Breweries, tallied the
same figure.  Even Shock Top, scored 24.2%.  
Maybe PT Barnum was right in saying you'll
never go broke by underestimating the
intelligence of the American public.

Ice Cream Beer
If you want to buy cold beer in an Indiana
grocery store or convenience store, then you are
out of luck. A lawsuit that sought to allow these
sales has been struck down by an Indiana federal
judge. The argument is that people prefer to buy
cold beer so they can drink it sooner, rather than
buying it warm and taking it home to chill.
Therefore, stores that sell cold beer would sell
more beer than if they only sold warm beer. The
problem, according to the government, is that, if
stores begin selling lots more beer all of a
sudden, then the Indiana State Excise Police
would not be able to adequately enforce state
liquor laws. Makes sense..... to them.
You don't say.....

Orval's brewing community is down to 12 monks from 35 a
few decades ago, so the brewing is now left in the hands of
35 lay people. This approach means that production is not
affected by the fluctuating number of monks.  
William Sieghart recently called in by the British government
to save the floundering library system is suggesting that
libraries be moved to local pubs with books handed out
alongside a pint of ale. He's our kind of guy!
Brennan Gleason sent out his resume on labels of his home
brewed beer aptly named Resume Ale.  The stunt worked;
he was just hired as  creative director the Vancouver
(Canada)based digital marketing agency Techtone.
Pilots in eastern Canada have been warned to look out for
one of the strangest hazards they're ever likely to
encounter—a 70-foot brewery blimp shaped like a hockey
goal light. The Budweiser balloon broke from its tether and
has been spotted floating at up to 5,000 feet.
Molson Coors has launch  its Carling Fruit Coolers, drinks
are made with fruit juice and lager to win over female
drinkers of sweet wine and fruit ciders. Who else but Coors.
Oregon’s affinity for local craft beer has reached an
unprecedented high, as more than 18 % of all beer
consumed in the state last year was locally produced.  Of
the 1.4 million barrels the state’s breweries produced an
uptick of 8% over the year prior—500,000 were sold to
Oregonians, a new in-state sales record.
The Brewers Association recognizes 152 different styles of
beer.  They also report that Cascade is most used hop by
brewers with IPA remaining the USA most popular style.
Ya gotta love these guys
Sergei Lukyanenko
“Czech beer in bottles is the corpse of
real beer in a glass coffin.”

Terry Pratchett
"I don't think I've drunk enough beer
to understand that.”

Ray Bradbury
“Beer's intellectual. What a shame so
many idiots drink it.”
Sharyn McCrumb
If you sent American macro beer out to be
analyzed, the lab would probably phone up
and say, 'Your horse has diabetes.”

Ellen Kushner
“Across the troubled maelstrom of time,
people always need a beer.”

Stephen King
“A man who lies about beer makes enemies”
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