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Pollution Pricing

The heavy pollution in Beijing is infamous.
Looking to put a positive spin on a bad situation,
Beijing-based brewery Jing-A recently released
Airpocalypse IPA as a tribute to the city's  air-
quality issues,.  The beer is unfiltered in order to
make it hazier and has 8.8 % ABV in honor of
eight being a lucky number in China. To mark
the beer's release, Jing-A turned to variable
pricing, where the price of Airpocalypse was
adjusted according to the city's Air Quailty Index
(AQI) rating.  The higher the pollution, the lower
the price of the beer. The price of the beer, set
typically at 40 Chinese yuan (or about US$6.40),
immediately fell to 35 Chinese yuan (US$5.60).
The pricing promotion may be over, but  
customers are already asking for it to return
during the Chinese New Year, when air pollution
levels tend to be at their highest of the year.

Cellar Heaven
The much-beloved Brasserie Cantillon has a new
long-term storage project where tens of
thousands of bottles of lambic, Oude Gueuze,
and other beers will be stored for up to thirty
years.  Cantillon,asked the city of Brussels for
help and they donated a “new” cellar - an old
bomb/war shelter dating to the 1930’s, located  
in central Brussels. A park is above the
spontaneously fermented treasures below. There
are seven rooms, each with a locking massive
iron gate.  About 3,00 to 5,000 bottles per year
will be added to the cellar with the goal of
60,000 to 80,000 bottles aging there.
You don't say.....

Helles isn’t a popular style for American craft breweries,
both because of the long maturation time it requires (six
weeks or longer) and because it leaves no room for error:
Off-flavors stand out all too clearly against such a delicate
backdrop. BSometimes it goes under such noms de plume
as “golden lager,” “blond lager” or simply “lager.”  
Beer and Gin- beer historically has had a lot in common with
the drink that “Gin Lane” calls a “cursed Fiend”: Early beer
styles, such as British gruits and Scandinavian sahtis, relied
on botanicals including heather and juniper.
What does Bach have to do with beer? The two have always
gone hand in hand -- some of the Baroque composer's
clients actually paid him with beer.  Bock for Bach.
Molson Coors CEO was recently quoted as saying "the
Canadian beer businesses would have been better off with
more Canadian teams in the playoffs'".  Some critics
said it's their tasteless, fuzzy yellow beer that is hurting
sales, not bad hockey.
All 50 states now have a brewers guild with
North Dakota, Wyoming forming last groups
On a per capita basis, Wyoming has earned more medals
at the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer
Festival than any other state.
Shandy has traditionally been a cocktail of beer and
lemonade. In Europe, where the drink is most popular,
“lemonade” is a carbonated soft drink similar to 7-Up or
Sprite, not the sweetened citrus juice.) The most widely
available in the USA is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy
Ya gotta love these guys
Glen DeLuca
“It takes beer to make a thirst worthwhile.'

Queen Victoria
“Give my people plenty of beer, good beer,
and cheap beer, and you will have no
revolution among them.

M.F. Fisher
“A pleasant aperitif, as well as a good chaser
for a short, quick whisky, as well again for a
fine supper drink is beer.  And lastly it is the
perfect drink to follow a beer.”  
Scott Wayne
"It's okay to get drunk, only you have to get
drunk on beer. Cognac and wine—that's all for
the heart.  Beer is for the soul."

Chelsea Handler,
“There are two kinds of people I don't trust:
people who don't drink beer and people who
collect stickers.”

Jarod Kintz,
“Forget plastic surgery. Enhance your beauty by
getting those around you drunk on cheap beer.
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