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Is it beer or soda?

For people who hate drinking hoppy beer, there's
always the consolation: Well, at least there's
alcohol in this.  Now there's a new product
called"Höpt" that removes that saving virtue and
leaves in all the other stuff. It's a nonalcoholic
soda designed to highlight the taste of hops,
those resinous, weed-smelling flowers that are
infecting the entire corpus of craft beer. Flavors
come in pear/basil, elderberry/herb,
watermelon/mint, and salted lychee – but don't
worry, you'll still be able to detect the funky
hops lurking underneath, as if your soda had
accidentally been bottled with a pine cone.
Specifically, it is meant for those who want to
hang with friends in a bar setting but don't
personally want to imbibe according to its
makers.  To give the illusion that you're enjoying
a normal beer, the "Höpt" packaging includes
crown caps and small labels that are "coverable
by the drinker's hand should they wish to
conceal they're drinking a soda not alcohol."

Nudist Beer Festival

A nudist resort in Pennsylvania is preparing to
hold it's second annual Bare Beach Beer Bash
Festival" where nudity is not only allowed, it's
required to enter.  For the cost of $18 a ticket
guests at the Sunny Hill Resort festival can enjoy
unlimited amounts of craft beer from an array of
local brewers.  Included in the ticket cost is use
of the resort's pools and hot tub. As often  
happens with manyy beer fests, this one sold out
last year.  Hey, it's all about the beer, right?
You don't say.....

Mead, the alcoholic beverage made from honey, may be the
world’s oldest fermented drink, but it is also the USA’s
hottest. Mead sales increased 130% last year exceeding
growth rates for beer, wine, distilled spirits and hard cider.
If you're aging beers (most should NOT be aged) remember
to aim for 54 degrees Fahrenheit—a mini-fridge with a
temperature control is nice, but a dark interior closet works
too. There's no need to bother with horizontal storage, even
with cork-sealed beers. Most modern corks are treated with
wax so they won't dry out, and vertical storage
Dream Machine IPL is the first year-round new release in
over a
decade from Magic Hat,  An IPL is a hybrid of an
amber lager and an India pale ale (IPA); these beers are
fermented like lagers, but are more heavily hopped.
Angelo DeLeonis is one of the most prolific beer bandits
ever. He allegedly pulled off 54 beer thefts in nine months -
the equivalent of stealing 1,000 eight-packs of beer.  
He's currently awaiting trial in Phoenix AZ.
Beer-bathed pork has fewer potentially cancerous chemicals
than non-marinaded pork when grilled close to hot charcoal
in a recent experiment by Portuguese and Spanish chemists.
Dark beers, like a stout or porter, were the most effective in
preventing the formation of dangerous hydrocarbons.
413 new breweries opened in the US in 2013 while only 44
shuttered.  Craft beer’s market share was 7.8% of  all beer
which brought in 14.3% of the $100 billion Americans
spend on beer annually despite the fact that craft breweries
produce only 7.8% of the beer in the U.S
Ya gotta love these guys
Robyn Schneider
“How many beers do y'all think it takes before
one internationally famous scientist turns to
another and says, 'Dude, bet you twenty bucks
I can levitate a frog with a magnet?'

Jarod Kintz
“Forget plastic surgery. Enhance your beauty by
getting those around you drunk on beer.

Filippo Bologna
“He was so drunk that he would have
stubbornly denied that he was.”  
Susan Juby
“Wetting one's pants because you drank too much
beer is no kind of self-esteem builder.”

Steven Ramirez
“The sound of him drinking beer was
indescribable—like dirty runoff down
a storm drain.”

George Watsky
“You only had one beer so don't fall asleep yet.
Contrary to popular belief, that's not where
dreams get accomplished.”
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