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Beer Jelly Beans

When candy makers at Jelly Belly Candy Co. set
out to create the world’s first beer flavored jelly
bean, the question wasn’t how; it was what. Ale
or Lager? Stout? Lambic? Pilsner? In the end,
the company opted for a Hefeweizen-inspired
ale flavor, and Draft Beer Jelly Belly®
jelly beans took shape.  Beer has been a highly-
requested flavor by consumers for decades.

“This took about three years to perfect,” says
Ambrose Lee, research and development
manager for Jelly Belly Candy Co. “The recipe
includes top secret ingredients, but I can tell you
it contains no alcohol.” The effervescent and
crisp flavor is packed in a golden jelly bean with
an iridescent finish. Beer connoisseurs will find
the flavor profile to be clean with notes of wheat
and a touch of sweetness. The aroma is bready.

“Usually the factory has a sweet and fruity
aroma, but when we’re making this flavor it’s
just like being in an ale house,” says Jeff Brown,
vice president in charge of manufacturing for
the company.  “Anyone who enjoys a good,
cold beer will enjoy Draft Beer Jelly Belly beans
for the simple fact that it tastes just as you’d
imagine,” says Rob Swaigen, vice president of
marketing for Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Well, what did you expect him to say?
You don't say.....

Drizly makes an iPhone app, that gives liquor shoppers a
digital way to order beer, wine or liquor from a store near
them. It's available in the Boston area and New York City,
where it is working with 26 liquor and wine stores.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $3 million deal to star in
a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light. The former
California governor agreed to the deal to star in the
humorous beer ad, despite his personal focus on health
and fitness.  Advertisers paid $4 million for a
30- second slot on the Super Bowl.
Of the more than 89,500 listings on the US National Register
of Historic Places about 80 are brewery or beer-related sites
New to the list,
whose purpose is to protect USA’s
historic/archaeological resources, are beer cellars built in
1866 in Richmond Virginia and only recently unearthed.
More and more brews are being packaged in what most
people still think of as Champagne bottles, sealed with actual
corks and wire cages.  Beer authority and brewmaster
Garrett Oliver has  pointed out that brewers used those
thick, heavy bottles
before wine -makers did.
At the end of 2013, the number of breweries in the United
States reached the highest level seen in the country since the
early 1870s. At the end of December, the Brewers
Association counted 2,722 brewing facilities in the US, an
increase of almost 400 from the end of 2012.
Ya gotta love these guys
W. C. Fields
‘"If I saved all the money I've spent on beer,
I'd spend it on beer."

Joey Bishop
""They talk of my drinking but never my thirst."

James Beatie
"Or merry swains, who quaff the nut-brown ale,
And sing enamour'd of the nut-brown maid.."
Dean Martin
"If drinking interferes with your job,
quit your job."

Sign at a Pub
"If you are drinking to forget,
please pay before you begin."

William Angler
" Fill up the beer  goblet and reach to me some!
Drinking makes wise, but dry fasting makes glum.."
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