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An Official Treasure

German beer brewers launched a bid to have
their 16th century beer purity law officially
recognized as a cultural treasure for humanity.
The German Brewers' Federation announced
that it applied for UNESCO, the cultural agency
for the United Nations, to add the Bavarian beer
law "Reinheitsgebot" to its Intangible Cultural
Heritage list.  The Bavarian beer purity law,
established in 1516, restricts brewers to only
water, barley malt, hops and yeast. If
successful, the law will be added to the world
heritage list in 2016 on its 500th anniversary.

Germany has about 1,300 breweries and 5,000
brands of beer. The German Beer Institute said
that the law was finally struck down in 1987
when a European court argued it limited free
trade. Nevertheless, many breweries stick to its
guidelines to ensure quality and advertise they do.
Government Booze Costs

In September, the final month of the fiscal year,
the State Department spent about $180,000 —
and racked up a total of more than $400,000 for
the whole year,They bought $415,000 worth of
alcohol in fiscal 2012, which was 25 % more
than tthey spent in 2011 and more than triple the
amount of 2008. The largest share of the money
was spend on wine with whiskey second.
You don't say.....

Whiskey starts its life as beer. More specifically, as a
distiller's beer, or wash, that's made with malted barley,
water, and yeast, and then distilled and usually aged in
charred oak barrels. The key factor separating distiller's beer
from regular beer: No hops. That distiller's beer is then
distilled to make whiskey.
Starting in 1968, John Milkovisch spent 18 years lining the
outside of his modest Houston home with flattened beer
cans. Today it is a beer museum.
Of the 67 percent of U.S. adults who drink alcohol, 54
percent of men named beer as their top alcoholic beverage
compared with 27 percent of women
Some researchers claim you'd have to drink about 118
gallons (450 liters) of beer a day to see significant
health benefits from the antioxidants in hops.
The alcohol in drinks of either low alcohol content (below
15%) or high alcohol content (over 30%) tend to be
absorbed into the body more slowly.
During Prohibition, temperance activists hired a
scholar to rewrite the Bible by removing all
references to alcohol beverage.
The early Church declared that alcohol was an inherently
good gift of God to be used and enjoyed. While individuals
might choose not to drink, to despise alcohol was heresy.

Ya gotta love these guys
F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Here's to alcohol, the rose
colored glasses of life."

Abraham Lincoln
"I am a firm believer in the people. They can be
depended upon to meet any national crisis. The
great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer."

Kathy Griffin
"Girls of our generation can't cook like
their mother anymore. But they can
drink like their father."
W.C. Fields
"I suppose that in a few hours I will sober up.
That's such a sad thought. I think I'll have a few
more beers to prepare myself."

Joe E. Lewis
"If you aren't sure if you are too drunk to drive
home, order a shot. Now you are certain."

Lewis Grizzard
"The only way that I could figure they could
improve upon Coca-Cola, one of life's most
delightful elixirs, is to put bourbon in it."
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