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Boo Red Bull

Beverage  giant Red Bull has accused a little-
known UK micro-brewery of infringing its
trademark and has demanded it change its name.
The energy drinks firm has sent Norwich-based
Redwell Brewing - which only employs just
eight staff - a threatening letter insisting it could
not use the word 'red' because it owned the
trademark.  Red Bull also objected to the second
part of the brewery's name 'well' because it ends
with the same two letters as 'bull'.  Red Bull
employs 9,000 people, turned over €4.25 billion
last year; its products are sold in 161 different
countries.  All that success but they're still idiots.
Coors vs. Bud
The US Federal Trade Commission is
investigating Coors thanks to a protest from
Anheuser-Busch.  They have challenged
advertising claims on the Coors Light beer can
itself, on the product’s packaging, on social
media websites, and in television commercials.
Specifically they challenged the following :
The World’s Most Refreshing Can.”
“2 Stage Cold Activation & Frost Brew Liner.”
“When the Mountains Turn Blue
It’s As Cold as the Rockies.”
“Smoother, More Refreshing Pour.”
“Locks in Frost Brewed Taste.”
“Beer on the inside, Science on the outside.”

Anyone dumb enough to believe that in the
first place probably deserves to drink it anyway.
You don't say.....

Adolphus Busch reached the million barrels of Bud plateau in
1901.  He used his immense profits to build palaces for
himself in St. Louis, Pasadena, and Cooperstown.
Hops only became a standard ingredient in beer
during medieval times.
Toasting someone's health before drinking is a remnant of
the ancient belief in beer's magical properties. The clinking
of glasses is said to salute ancient communal beer drinking
when people gathered around a single pot and used straws.
Rum, not beer, was the main drink during the colonial period
and the American revolution.  However the new nation
quickly turned to whiskey as their drink of choice.
Dream Arcades, has unveiled the Kegerator Pro 60,
the world’s first arcade machine with a 60 inch HD
screen that features three beer taps, so players never have
to stop the action to refill their drink. Price - $5,000
Now you can drink wine (or beer) without uncorking the
bottle thanks to Corvain Wine Access System.  A Teflon-
coated needle easily pierces the cork, then argon gas is
injected into the bottle. When the bottle is tipped, the wine
comes streaming through the needle and out a small nozzle.
When the needle is removed, the hole in the cork seals itself..
Technology in the San Francisco 49ers new football
stadium is amazing. Will have an app that allows you
to find the shortest beer lines. App will also work
for food & bathroom lines.
Ya gotta love these guys
Malcolm Bingay (on Prohibition)
"It was absolutely impossible to get a drink
in Detroit unless you walked at least ten feet
and told the busy bartender what you wanted
in a voice loud enough for him to hear
you above the uproar."

Ted Lavrin
"I'm a perfectly contented man whenever
my mouth is full of beer.”
"Quickly, bring me a beaker of beer so that I may
wet my mind and say something clever."

Brendan Kelly
"Better to be deprived of food for three days
than to be deprived of Guiness."

Dean Martin
"Thank God for booze.  What would
the world be like without it?"
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