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Beer Drinker Passes On

In Spain's Murcia region, Joaquín Alcaraz
Gracia had just finished 6 liters ( a gallon and a
half) of beer in twenty minutes, winning the
trophy at a festival. When Gracia raised the
trophy he began to vomit continuously for
several minutes before apparently falling asleep.

He wasn't asleep. He was in cardiac arrest.
When the locals discovered he wasn't well, he
was rushed to the emergency room, where he
soon died.The festival was cancelled and
replaced with three days of official mourning.
His fellow contestants blamed Garcia's
excessive eating habits  - he was obese - and his
smoking.  They did not blame his drinking.
Goodbye - Hello to Bass

AB-InBev, the Belgo-Brazilian giant beer
corporation, has decided to rename one of the
oldest beer brands in Britain, Bass pale ale, a
literally iconic IPA, as “Bass Trademark
Number One”.  Let's see if the uproar in beer
circles changes their plans.
Beer Beats Wine.... Again
Latest health reason to drink beer - it reduces
the risk of kidney stones and it does it better
than wine.  The stats: geer reduced kidney stone
risk by 41%.,white wine reduced risk by 33%.
red wine reduced risk by 31%.  Drink up!
You don't say.....

PETA once lobbied Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle to
change Wisconsin's state beverage from milk to beer.
The late, great professional wrestler Andre the Giant once
set a personal record of drinking 119 beers in six hours.
In a poll of adults who drink, 54% of U.S men claim beer as
their favorite alcoholic beverage compared to 27% of women
Bordeaux, France has 284,320 acres of the best vineyards
available.. The region can make up to 960 million bottles of
wine per year.  Little beer is produced there.
In 1963, Jim Whitaker became the first American to
reach the summit of Mt. Everest. A can of Seattle’s
own Rainier Beer made the ascent with him. .
Beer label warning (Eel River): "The consumption of alcohol
may create the illusion that you are tougher, handsomer, and
smarter than some really big guy named Chuck."
The National Center for Biotechnology has found that
people who drink beer are more attractive to mosquitoes.
Just one beer could make you a target for the bugs.
The study measured ethanol content in sweat, sweat
production, and skin temperature before and after the
subjects drank of 350 millileters of beer.
Wine is mentioned many times in the Bible but the closest
beer got was the phrase "strong drink," which some
translate to fermented beverage made from grain or beer.
Ya gotta love these guys
Johnny Cash
"Beer drinkin' don't do half the
harm as love makin'."

Kevin Hearne
"“That's right, there's free beer in
Irish paradise. Everyone's jealous.”

Garrison Keillor
"Beer is the drunkard's kindergrten."
Veronica Lake
"A long experience with people has made
me prefer a shabby beer drinker to a well-
dressed wine snob."

John Whale
"Its extraordinary how friendly you can make a
lot of people on a couple bottles of beer."

John Dos Passos
"A can of beer'd be the makin' of a guy
a cold mornin' like this.."
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