mR. bReWski says.......
Weed Guy stabs Beer Guy

There was an outbreak of quasi- madness in
Times Square New York recently when a
panhandler holding an “I Need Money for
Weed” sign stabbed a rival holding an “I Need
Beer” sign in the head with a pen.  Police
quickly cuffed the alleged stabber and charges
were pending as they tried to determine what
got “Weed” guy so upset.  Fortunately the  
“Beer” guy’s injuries were minor.

The two choosy panhandlers began brawling  as
dozens of Broadway shows let out according to
witnesses.  Nearby, street "entrepreneurs"
dressed as monsters Predator and Alien paused
from hustling tourists to have pictures taken
with them, to answer questions from NYPD
police.  No word on if Beer Guy was given a
brew by sympathetic passers by..

Beer Can DNA

Beer can DNA samples have helped police
identify a burglary suspect who was on the
loose in Syracuse, New York. Copper wiring
was stolen from a  home in the area however,
the thief left a number of beer cans he had drank
in the basement of the location. They were later
recovered by police who were able to match the
DNA found on the beer cans to a now arrested
suspect.  No information was given on the type
of beer that did in the thief.  
You don't say.....

The French Bishop of Metz, also known as Satin Arnoldus,
spent his holy life warning people about the dangers of
drinking water and recommending beer instead. Legend says
streams of beer came out of his casket at burial.
Several Japanese bars have just begun a marketing campaign
that says if an earthquake occurs that measures up to three
points (on the Japanese scale), you get a free beer.
The Melbourne Brewery ( Australia ) employs someone  to
sniff washed bottles before they go to the filling line to
determine if it smells of kerosene, which can not be
removed even by professional washing. The nose knows.
In the diamond mines of Sierra Leone gems are tested in the
beer. According to British geologists, the visual quality of
diamonds in beer are quickly and eaisly apparent.
2800 BC was the year of the first recorded drunk-driving
accident when an inebriated charioteer ran into one driven
by a priest of the god Hathor. No word if he lost his license.
English inns once were required to pay a business tax
known as a scot. Customers who left town to drink in
rural taverns rather than their local ones were said to
be drinking "scot free".
Pilsner is the worlds most common beer style. However true
pilsner is not made with corn & rice like the macro brewers.
There are 6,999 drops of beer in a standard 12 ounce bottle  
according to the Canadian Ace Brewing Company
Ya gotta love these guys
Emo Philips
"I was at a bar nursing a beer. My nipple was
getting quite soggy."

Lenny Hobin
"THE PERFECT LIFE" – A clean warm beach, a
hot woman, sweet crabs, a cold Guinness, and
the money to enjoy it!!

Paracelsus - 16th century physician
Cerevisia malorum…divina medicina."
(A little bit of beer is divine medicine.)
Sandra Bullock
There's something sexy about a gut. Not a 400-
pound beer gut, but a little paunch. I love that.

Sid Vicious
I've only been in love with a
beer bottle and a mirror.

Greg Norman
"I’m allergic to grass. Hey, it could be worse.
I could be allergic to beer."
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