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Recover With Beer

Two hundred and fifty kegs. That's how much
beer was served at this year's Crescent City
(LA) Classic post-race party; that's the
equivalent of 41,250 bottles of beer -- and it
doesn't include the beer consumed by many
while actually running the race. Along with
water stops there were 3 oz. cups of beer on the
course.  Race organizers cited a scientific study
that showed beer followed by water was as
effective as water-only for rehydration and
recovery.  Many runners however opted for
more beer instead of the water.

Drink On The Job

Employees at a Florida health care company are
allowed to drink on the company's tab, on
company time, thanks to a perk known as "Beer
Cart Fridays."  Advance Medical CEO Jennifer
Fuicelli said that she's been rolling out the beer
cart for two years as part of an "unorthodox
corporate culture" that rewards employees for
hard work.She says the company began in 2005
with four employees and now has 350 workers
in two locations — Port Orange, Fla., and
Broomfield, Colo.  The company also hosts
costume days for Halloween, barbecues on the
clock and a birthday "get out of jail free" card,
which can be used for a paid day off.
You don't say.....

Much like Champagne & Bourbon - a Kolsch Beer, or
"True" Kolsch Beer, can only be brewed with a
Kolsch license in Colonge, Germany.  It is the only
beer that cannot be brewed outside of Colonge.
Bulgaria’s "Boza" beer is a traditional Turkish drink
made from wheat flour and yeast and is reputed
to enlarge women’s breasts.
In 1962, Iron City beer was the brand used to test-market
the concept of tab opening aluminum cans. By 1970, over
90% of all beer cans were self-opening.
Chicha was a form or early "beer" in Latin America. It was
traditionally made by young Inca girls who would take corn
and chew it until it turned to pulp. The pulp would then be
added to the warm water and left to stand a few days.
One of the earliest recognisable beer recipes from ancient
Sumeria was made out as a prayer because many  of the
people were illiterate, so it helped them to remember it.
The Mayflower did NOT stop in Plymouth because they
were out of beer. The myth  came from the American
breweries shortly  after Prohibition.  They ran large ads
stating “Pilgrim fathers drank beer" to increase sales.
China drinks more total beer than any other country (350
million hectoliters).  China is the fastest growing beer
market in the world. Czech Republic leads in per capita.
Ya gotta love these guys
Harry Artistie
"To drinking beer! Because no great story ever
started with someone eating a salad."

Walt Mikorey
"When life hands you lemons,
bust out the Corona."

Jackie Lenoard
"I only drink beer on two occasions, when
it's my birthday and when it's not.."
Barbara Toffele
“Sober and 'so bored' sound alike.
I wonder why

William Shakespeare
"Come gentlemen, with enough beer I hope we
will drink down all unkindness."

Cormac McCarthy
"What have you got that a man could drink with a
minimum risk of blindness and death?"
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