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Beer Barrel Bed

In the heart of Ostbevern, Germany, beer lovers
will think they've died and gone to heaven.
Weary travelers can lay their heads to rest in a
bed carved out of a 19th century historic beer
barrel at the Landhotel Beverland. The barrel
comes from Pott’s, a local brewery, and
was in use until 1995.

There are three beer barrel-themed rooms in the
hotel, and while each room sleeps four, only one
of the beds is a barrel, which can be used as a
single or double bed. The room also has a 32-
inch flat screen TV, DVD player, and free
internet. For just 20 Euros hotel staff will serve
you breakfast in bed—er, barrel. And if that
wasn’t enough barrel for you, there is also a
beer barrel sauna on the property that seats 12
people. Guests can use the sauna for 10 Euros,
provided they don’t mind the smell of hops.
And when guests return to one of the beer barrel
rooms, cold glasses of beer are waiting.
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You don't say.....

The first six-pack of beer was produced by the Pabst
Brewery in the 1940s. The brewery conducted numerous
studies, which found six cans were the ideal weight for the
average housewife to carry home from the store.
Universities in Europe and America from the 1300s
through the 1700s had in-house breweries to provide
beer to the students. Harvard had its own brew house in
1674 and five beer halls, each burned down by
rioting divinity students.
Beer wasn't sold in bottles until 1850. Beer lovers would
visit their local tavern with a special bucket, have it filled and
then begin the merry journey home. Beer in cans did not
happen until the mid-1930s with Krueger beer.
The music for "The Star Spangled Banner" was derived
from a British beer drinking song called "Anacreon".
In 1116 BC, Chinese imperial edict stated that
heaven required people to drink beer.
The Egyptian pyramids were built on beer. Stonecutters,
slaves and public officials were paid in a type of beer called
'kash' – which is where the word 'cash' originated.
Flying Fish Brewery Company of New Jersey is ready to
give Hurricane Sandy a big you know what with "F. U.
Sandy," a hybrid wheat-pale ale inspired by the storm.
One method of checking a beer’s quality is the way in
which the foam adheres to the side of the glass after each
sip. Beer connoisseurs call this “Brussels lace.”
Ya gotta love these guys
John Berryman
Something has been said for sobriety,
but very little."

Dave Barry
When I heated my home with oil, I used an
average of 800 gallons a year. I have found that I
can keep comfortably warm for an entire winter
with slightly over half that quantity of beer."

The chief reason for drinking a lot of beer is
the desire to behave in a certain way, and to
be able to blame it on alcohol."
Lydia Lynch
“A well-made beer, properly chilled,
has been more often my true friend than
any two-legged creature.”

Richard Harris
"I often sit back and think, I wish I’d done that,
and find out later that I already have."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
The secret of drunkenness is, that it insulates us
in thought, whilst it unites us in feeling."
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