The DraughtBoard 15 - Nexus newsletter
mR. bReWski says.......
Did you know about the

world’s strongest beer?

Sam Adams newest
concoction, Utopias, 25%
alcohol by volume, is,
according to the company, the
world’s strongest naturally
fermented beverage.  

Jim Koch, Sam Adams
founder, says the key is a
particularly resilient yeast
strain he has developed over
the years.  This yeast has
thicker walled cells that live
longer and continue to convert
sugars as alcohol levels rise.  

The weighty and wild brew is
aged in barrels that have
previously housed
combinations of port, cognac,
scotch, and bourbon.  Only
8,500 bottles were produced
and sell at retail for $110.
My Favorite Bar Signs

1. Please don’t drink on an empty

2. Drink here.  Four out of five
accidents occur at home.  

3. Please do not drink more than
you can walk out with.
Ya gotta love these guys

Humphrey Bogart:
“The problem with the world is
that everybody is three drinks

Adolphus Busch:
“It is my aim to win the
American people over to our
side, to make them all lovers of
Sorry Seabiscuit:
Only one champion horse has a beer named after it- Kentucky Derby winner
Funny Cide. Olde Saratoga Brewing Co recently announced the production of
Funny Cide Light beer.  It will be distributed in the Saratoga Springs-Albany