Jean Grant
is a
rare  beer hunter,  
Certified Beerlogist,
    Jean Grant
        Cheers to Beers!
Tonight , December 29th marks the end of an era in the craft beer
bar industry in New Jersey. The Tap Room at the Somerset Hills
Hotel will be closing its doors. While we are being told it is for a
renovation and will reopen within a year it will never be the same for
many reasons .

When I first moved to the Basking Ridge area 20 years ago it was a
place I went to one in awhile to meet a local friend on Saturday
night and watch bands. As time went by it became more. Shortly
after meeting my significant other it was my go to place if I wasn’t
skiing at Hunter Mountain in the winter or down the shore in the
summer. I became friendly with the regular bartenders Carly and
Rachel . Carly made a killer espresso martini and Rachel started
getting me more into the craft beers.  

One night I was hanging out and ordered the latest Game of
Thrones beer ( not that I ever watched the show I just like the
beers). I started talking to the two men next to me , one of whom
was a fan of the show . They told me there was something called
Beer Club , it met every Tuesday and Friday and I should come .
And so it began.

We as the beer club have watched as the bar has been torn down
and rebuilt, loyally frequented it’s temporary replacement and
rejoiced in the re opening . We have also watched one of the best
bar managers in the business and his loyal staff struggle with the
ups and downs of construction and a rotation of owners. Sadly this
did cost him some of his best staff. In the end though the beers
were always good, the company wonderful and could not ask for a
better bar staff.
Yes the bar will re open but it will not be the same. The people who
made it what it is and it’s spirit will not be there. So in closing thank
you Kevin Torpey  and your staff for a great run . You will be
missed .

“Don’t Cry Because It is Over , Smile Because it Happened “