Waffle House Beer

How do you like your Waffle House? Scattered,
smothered or with hops? Two years ago, a Waffle
House location in Georgia became the first ever to
sell alcohol. And now the beloved diner chain is
getting an official beer as part of its collaboration
with another Georgia-based outfit, Oconee Brewing
Company. And yes, before you ask, it smells like

Waffle House Bacon & Kegs – its official name –
is a red ale with a 6.5% ABV.over 2,000 Waffle
House locations in 25 states throughout U.S — one
of around 400 in Georgia alone
NASCAR's Waltrip Beer

Former NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip the two-
time Daytona 500 winnerhas launched The Michael
Waltrip Brewing Company with three different styles
of beers and is working on opening a new brewery
in Phoenix.  Playing off of Waltrip’s two Daytona
500 wins, the Two-Time themed lineup consists of a
blonde ale, and the Checkered Past coconut IPA.  
While many businesses have experienced
struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, Waltrip
thinks opening now could give the new brewery the
chance to be ahead of the curve.  “We’re going to
get the beers out as soon as possible,” Waltrip
said. “It’s probably gonna be about January or
February, all over the southeast and then the rest
of the country.”
December 2020

A new survey found that more than 25% of the European people prefer the taste of
nonalcoholic beer over the conventional version. This underscores the fast growth
in that market segment and why so many breweries  have entered the field.
Russian River the famed makers of Pliny The Younger and Elder has furloughed
70% of its 204-person workforce and reduced hours for another 12%.due to  
lower sales because of Covid 19
The state of  Oregon joined a growing number of states suspending on-premise
dining, both indoor and outdoor, as coronavirus rates surge around the country.
Anheuser-Busch,has formed new company division, Beyond Beer, that will allow A-
B to predict consumer trends before they start. With products ranging from “water
to whiskey,” Beyond Beer hopes to discover what consumers exactly what they’re
looking for across a range of occasions and trends.
Americans really are drinking more during the COVID-19 pandemic. New research
suggests that alcohol consumption in the United States rose 14% during the
pandemic. The most dramatic increase was in heavy drinking episodes in women,
defined as four or more drinks within two hours. Women reported a 41% increase
in episodes of heavy drinking
If you like magic and beer then you'll really enjoy this youtube clip we found -
Edited by Jim Attacap
Low Carbon Aluminum Cans Are Coming

AB InBev and miner Rio Tinto have formed a partnership to deliver new sustainable aluminum
cans, the companies said in a statement. As part of the memorandum of understanding, the
two companies would work with supply chain partners to produce AB InBev products in cans
made from low-carbon aluminum.  The companies said the partnership will initially focus on
North America. AB InBev will use Rio Tinto’s low-carbon aluminum made with renewable
hydropower along with recycled content to produce a more sustainable beer can. This could
cut carbon emissions by more than 30% per can compared to similar ones produced today
using traditional manufacturing techniques in North America.

Roughly 75% of aluminum ever produced in the U.S. is still in use today, according to the
Aluminum Association. This contrasts with the production of plastic bottles that take three
times the amount of water that's contained inside them, and only about 30% of plastic bottles
are recycled. Currently, around 70% of the aluminum used in AB InBev cans produced in
North America is recycled content, the company said.In the case of AB InBev, the beer giant's
global footprint stands to benefit if it can make a more sustainable beer can. While the
company is first focusing on North America, AB InBev presumably could get a boost from the
environmental halo attached to the product by debuting the can worldwide. The first 1 million
cans produced through the partnership with Rio Tinto will be piloted in the United States as
part of its fast-growing Michelob Ultra brand.

It's not the first green initiative when it comes to the environment for the brewer. Two years
ago, AB InBev said by 2025 all Budweiser beers brewed globally will use 100% renewable
energy. Its Anheuser-Busch division also has researched new crop management techniques,
developed seeds that require less water to grow and worked to reduce water usage — a key
component in making beer — in its facilities. It made headlines by committing to order Tesla's
new electric Semi trucks — part of AB InBev's broader effort to reduce its operational carbon
footprint by 30%.If the AB InBev and Rio Tinto partnership is successful, it stands to reason
they could license the idea to can manufacturers, soda makers, beer competitors and other
uses of aluminum — increasing the scale of the program and its long-term impact on the
environment. It could also make aluminum an even more enticing option for packaging.