New World's Strongest Brew

Two breweries that competed in a decade-long
rivalry to create increasingly strong beers said they
have now worked together and created the world’s
strongest beer.The 57.8% ABV beer sold out in less
than a day. The Scottish brewer BrewDog, said the
company worked with German brewer Schorschbräu
to create the beer, named Strength in Numbers The
Scots’ contribution to the project was a barrel of
their 26% ABV beer Death or Glory, which they aged
in a Scotch whisky cask for 10 years. They sent it to
Schorschbräu in Germany, but then coronavirus
travel restrictions prevented them from traveling
along with it. So they worked with the German
brewers over Zoom.The beer was released in the U.
K. Thursday priced at 29 British pounds per bottle –
about $37.50 – and sold out the same day.
No It's Not

Wait - don't bank on the article to the left as being
totally true. There is another brewery that claims to
have created the world’s strongest beer.

Brewmeister, another Scottish brewer, has its
Snake Venom which is 67.5% ABV. The drink is so
strong that it’s not even carbonated. But some in
the brewing community argue that Snake Venom
is not technically "beer" because the company
allegedly adds ethyl alcohol to it as part of its
unusual brewing process, The hyper-strong beers
are created through a process called “fractional
freezing” which is used to create Eisbock beers,
according to the report. The beer is chilled to a
temperature that freezes the water but not the
alcohol. BeerNexus goes with Snake Venom
October 2020

Top 5 Most Delicious Craft Beers in USA according to USA Today
5. Cigar City (Florida) Hunahpu's Imperial Stout, Double Barrel-Aged
4.Russian River (Calif.)Pliny the Younger
3.  3 Floyds (Indiana) BBA Dark Lord
2.  The Alchemist (VT) Heady Topper
1.  Toppling Goliath (Iowa) Kentucky Brunch Stout
Surly Brewing announced online its 20-million-dollar beer hall, restaurant, gift shop
and events venue would close indefinitely come November 2.
Surly said its reason was COVID19.
In a just released email the Beer Council Group reported  the average U.S.
consumer age 21 or older drinks 25.9 gallons of beer or cider per year.
That’s the equivalent of 207.2 16-ounce mugs or 276.27 12-ounce cans per year.

Miller High Life is giving away a backyard dive bar.The bar, which is actually a
glorified shed designed to look like a "dive bar," will include an actual bar with Miller
High Life tap handles; quirky bar stools; a popcorn machine; wood paneling, High
Life artwork; and dim lighting. The dive bar comes with enough beer to get you
through the rest of 2020. The package is valued at $10,000.
To enter, text "DIVEBAR" to 90464, which leads to a link to enter
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Beer House

A unique home has hit the market in South Florida with a design aesthetic that reads part
condo, part college frat house.The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo boasts 815 square feet
of space and is covered nearly floor-to-ceiling with Budweiser cans.

Photos of the home, which is listed by Kristin Adams-Kearney with Kearney & Associates
Realty, show a quaint living room, which flows into the dining room and a galley kitchen – all
of which boast walls and ceilings entirely of stacked cans of Bud. Apparently there are only
two locations with can-free walls, and those are the bathrooms.

Though the home decorating is up to the new owner – the property recently went into
escrow – Budweiser, feeling protective of the intricate display, is offering a deal that would
make any beer lover (and probably permanent bachelor) smile. The beer brand is offering to
stock the fridge in the "House of Budweiser" with Budweiser beer as long as the owners
“don’t renovate.”

The home was listed for $100,000 and was purchased “following a bidding war,” a
spokesperson for Budweiser told Fox News.According to the beer brand, the new owner has
yet to respond to the “generous offer.”The original home was designed by U.S. Navy Veteran
Michael Amelotte. He started the beer can project in 1990, four years after he moved into the
home.“It took him 16 years to consume enough beverages and finish this project,” the
Facebook post from Kearney & Associates Realty reads. “This was a labor of love with
extreme attention to detail as he painstakingly covered all of the walls and ceilings.”
“He even created crown molding and use different sizes of cans to accommodate electrical
outlets and the A/C vents,” the post adds.