The First State Beer

Utah like every single other state in the U.S., does
not have an officially recognized state beer. Bud-
weiser wants to change all that.The American-style
pale lager brand has launched a new campaign
vying to become America’s – first-ever state beer.
But why Utah?” – it’s apparently to commemorate
Budweiser’s first foray into the state after it
increased the allowable alcohol content for beers to
be sold in grocery stores and bars from 3.2% to 5%
in November 2019. They layed the 3.2% ABV beer
law to rest with an unforgettable Clydesdale-led
funeral,The beer brand is asking customers to tag
“Bud4Utah” on social media. If 84,899 tags are
recorded – the number representing the square feet
of Utah, then Utah will get its own specially-designed
Budweiser can representing the state.The campaign
ends September 13. The beer cans are scheduled
to roll out next year.
New Stone Beer

In early 2020 Stone Brewing launched the Stone
Pilot Series to trial beers for a coveted spot on its
national year-round lineup. Midway through the
year, the second release in the series has proven
itself worthy. Stone Brewing  has just announced
that Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager is here to
stay, and to celebrate, releases its new companion,
the Stone Michelada Mix.

The Stone Pilot Series was designed to trial new
and out-of-the-ordinary beers. Stone Never ending
Haze IPA, a low-ABV offering outsold projections
and still may earn a spot in the 2021 lineup. In
September, Stone will release a third offering that
seriously challenges expectations and showcases
the team’s innovation. However, the team will waste
no time elevating the authentic Baja-inspired
lager to full-time without any lapse in production
and distribution.
August 2020

The liquor license of New York City’s oldest beer garden — The Beer Garden at
Bohemian Hall in Astoria — has been suspended for violating the state’s COVID-19
guidelines.  The suspension's length is to be determined
Molson Coors’ new products — Vizzy Hard Seltzer, Blue Moon Light Sky and
Leinenkugel’s Spritzen — along with  Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee, Anheuser-
Busch InBev-owned Elysian Brewing’s Space Dust IPA and Contact Haze IPA were
the top growth brands in the USA last month..
Flying Dog Brewery announced the launch of their first major sour release, Vicious
Hook. It is a one-two combo of sweet and tart that is most  approachable sIt will be
available just before Sept 1, 2020 in 6 x 12 oz. bottles.
Mexican beer accounts for seven out of 10 imports into the USA, seven out of all 10
imports are Mexican and one out of every 10 beers in total come from Mexico, so
Mexico in and of itself accounts for 10% of beer that people drink,
For the COVID period in the U.S. from the first week of March tto now dollar sales
of total alcohol increased 309% compared to the same period in 2019.
Beer category sales in off-premise channels increased 14.9%, to $1.007 billion,for
the week ending Aug 29 compared to the same week one year ago, That makes
eight consecutive weeks of at least $1 billion plus in dollar sales in off-premise
retailers   Total alcohol dollar sales were led by spirits (+25.5%) and wine (+16.6%),
Edited by Jim Attacap
Beer Cocktails

Beer as a cocktail ingredient isn’t a revolutionary idea. It’s long played a part in drink
making. The original flips, concocted in the late 1600s, were made with beer, rum, sugar
and whole egg, and served hot. These days, the cocktails can be simple, made of a
combination of beers (pale and dark brews in a classic Black and Tan) or beer plus
another ingredient (lemonade in a Shandy, or Champagne alongside stout in a Black
Velvet). Or they can be even more complex, with the addition of spirits and liqueurs.
However they’re mixed, beer-based drinks tend to be low in alcohol, high in flavor and are
often relatively easy and inexpensive.

When choosing a beer, keep in mind that many styles — especially those of the craft
variety — are brewed with a lot going on. Lean in to the bitterness and acidity of the beers
you use, or choose one specifically to help the other ingredients shine. Hoppy I.P.A.s play
differently with ingredients than, say, a crisp pilsner or an acid-forward sour. In regard to
spirits, Ms. Waite recommends pairing lighter, fruitier beers with a lighter rum or vodka
and heavier, richer beers with whiskey, rum or brandy.

To keep your beer bubbly, especially if you’re adding ice, you’ll want to rethink how you build
the drink.  For example, when beer physically hits the ice, you lose the carbonation, To
prevent that, we suggest adding the ice at the end.