Protesters Demand Beer

Texas protesters gathered at El Paso’s Cincinnati
Entertainment recently to demand bars be allowed
to reopen. Bars were ordered closed for a second
time after the state experienced a resurgence in
coronavirus cases. As part of the demonstrations, a
keg of beer was opened and poured down Main
Street to signify all of the alcohol bars are not able
to sell during the pandemic and the loss of profits.
“Tax-free beer running down the street, just like in
the old days when they did the tea party when they
threw tax-free tea into the harbor,” said Frank Ricci
Jr., the owner of Rockin’ Cigar Bar who  supposedly
gave protesters free beer in support.

Beer Prices Rise

Beer prices have increased more than wine and
spirits recently. Research from the Bureau of Labour
Statistics Consumer Price Index indicates that off-
premise spirits increased by 1.7%, wine decreased
2.5% but beer prices were up 12.9% in the same
time period, for an annual growth rate of 1.5%.
Honest Beer Drinker

A Michigan man recently received a surprise
payment of $3,500 while playing a round of golf
with his dad. As the money was meant for someone
else, he decided to do the right thing and pay it
back. Most of it. He kept enough for himself to buy
a case of beer. Trevor Harwood, from Ionia, Mich.,
received money from the payment app Venmo .
Harwood reportedly didn’t recognize the name on
the payment, either.It turns out, the man who sent
the payment, Isaac Nowak, was trying to buy a
camper in Utah. The man selling the camper was
also named Trevor Harwood.

It reportedly took Harwood (the Michigan version)
seven hours to reply. When offered a reward he  
said all he wanted was to keep $20 to buy himself a
case of beer. Nowak reportedly agreed. Harwood
(the Michigan version) said “I had to put myself in
his shoes. That's a lot of money. I knew that
[refunding the money] was the right thing to do.”
Meanwhile, Nowak is just happy that things worked
out. “He had every right to just keep the money," he
said. "The way it ended up means there are good
people in the world.  And I'm gald to see he's a
beer drinker like me"..
August 2020

Molson Coors announced it is now the Official Craft and Hard Seltzer of the
Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium.
The journal PLOS ONE. surveyed  1,000 U.S. beer drinkers and reported that the
vast majority said they have no problem paying extra for sustainably produced beer,
and that on average, they would pay around $1.50 more per six-pack.
Tradition Brewing of Newport News, VA is teaming up with the Animal Aid Society of
Hampton by featuring four adoptable pups on its beer cans.The brewery says it's a
creative way to help homeless dogs find their fur-ever homes.
Michigan-based Short's Brewing Company acquired the rights to brew the iconic
Arcadia Beer,  The Arcadia Brewing Co. in Kalamazoo faced property foreclosure
on the building and grounds near the river on the city's east side.
Deschutes Black Butte Porter, the beer that put the small town brewery on the
map in the 80’s, remains the #1 selling porter in the US, even though it only
resides in two thirds of the country.
The pioneering liquid yeast and fermentation company, White Labs is packaging
it’s beer for the first time ever.  It's their signature, Tabberer IPA® brewed with two
different yeasts, WLP001-California Ale and WLP008 – East Coast Ale.
Edited by Jim Attacap
All Together Beer International Phenom

Other Half launched “All Together,” a worldwide beer collaboration to raise money
and awareness for the hospitality industry, among those hit the hardest by the novel
coronavirus. The brewery developed a simple, approachable recipe for two different IPA
styles, New England and West Coast, while partnering with the master beer marketer Stout
Collective on a label that breweries could use and personalize. They invited any brewery,
no matter how small, to brew All Together. Other Half only asked that a portion of the
proceeds go to supporting hospitality professions. The rest the breweries should bank t
o help keep them afloat.The response has been mind-blowing, the reach startling.

As of this writing, 846 breweries in 53 countries have brewed a version of All Together. You
have breweries not only in every corner of the U.S. brewing All Together, but every corner
of the world — breweries in Britain and Budapest, in Australia and New Zealand, in Korea
and Kyrgyzstan. Despite the different languages and time zones, though, all the breweries
are local. That is, they aren’t the big players, but the neighborhood breweries.

“We are a grassroots brewery, so it’s kind of amazing to us that all these small breweries
have done it,” said Andrew Burman, co-founder of Other Half. “We consider ourselves a
community brewery. Every brewery on this list is a community brewery, and they’re giving
money back to the community that needs help.”

Though it does not hear directly from every brewery that releases All Together, Other Half
has received more than 200 different cans from breweries that have brewed it. Now, Burman
said, the brewery is working on calculating how much the campaign has raised, even as more
breweries come out with a new All Together every day.