KBS Now Year Round

The evaluations of Founders Brewing’s popular
KBS, has been up and down in the past few years
with some saying it's now awful to others claiming it's
the best it's ever been.

So, no matter where you stand on this beer
Founders has announced that the bourbon barrel-
aged imperial stout brewed with coffee and
chocolate, will have year-round availability beginning
in late March to early April 2020.KBS made its debut
in the Founders Grand Rapids taproom in 2003 and
developed a cult-following over the years within the  
craft beer community. As the brewery continued to
grow, so did the demand for KBS. Founders has
expanded its barrel-aging program to accommodate
that demand. It had a cult like following for many
years. KBS (12% ABV) is an imperial stout brewed
with massive amounts of coffee and chocolate
before aging in oak bourbon barrels in caves
beneath Grand Rapids and at an offsite barrel-aging
facility, the Barrel House.

The 2020 KBS will be available in 4-packs of 12oz
bottles and on draft  Founders was bought by
Spanish mega brewer Mahou San Miguel in 2019.
Most Taps In The World

The Charlotte Beer Garden is touted as having the
world's largest selection of draft beers available in
one restaurant. In fact, the beer garden currently
holds the unofficial Guinness World Record for the
most beers on tap, with 436 draft beers.

Their Sister site, Raleigh Beer Garden, currently
holds three Guinness World Records for its beer
selection.Dave Herrington, General Manager, said
they're not competing with local breweries, but
rather partnering with them.  The structural format -
First floor: The ground floor features a large
indoor/outdoor bar that extends out to the patio
with 190 taps dedicated to North Carolina beers.
Also located on this level is a second craft cocktail
bar with lounge-style seating and a showcase tree
rising up through a two-story atrium.
Second floor: The second floor is home to an
expanded 222-tap bar featuring beers from all over
the world. Also located on this level is a private
event space and adjacent balcony t for small-scale
Third floor: Upstairs is a partially
covered greenhouse-inspired rooftop bar with
another 24 taps, picnic table seating, and lots of
greenery. Grant total of the three floors-  436 beers
April 2020

Bell's Brewery produces more beer sold in Michigan than any other Michigan
brewer. Bell said Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids puts out more total
barrels nationally, though he doesn't seem to mind.Two Hearted is Bell's
Brewery's top seller, Bell said, and if the beer was its own microbrewery
it would be the 13th largest in the country

The global premium beer market value is forecasted to reach US$55.86 billion in
2024, growing at 4.2%, for the period spanning from 2019 to 2024. The factors
such as travel, accelerating economic growth, rapid urbanization, growing online
sales, rising bar and cafe outlets are seen as driving forces behing the growth.

Panther Island Brewing (Dallas)has released a brown ale made with Buc-ee’s
famous Beaver Nuggets (caramel-coated corn pops), the first run beer sold out in a
matter of hours  They simply purchased Beaver Nuggets at their local market.  The
sweet corn puffs went in the mash tun during the brewing process. The resulting
6% ABV beer features a toasted caramel and maple flavor. .

The four highest rated low calorie lagers according to IBI are:1.Budweiser Select
(2.4% ABV): 55 calories; 2. Molson Ultra (3% ABV): 70 calories. 3.  Moosehead
Cracked Canoe (3.5% ABV): 90 calories. 4. Sleeman Light (4% ABV): 90 calories
Edited by Jim Attacap
You Pick The Alcohol Content

Imagine a day when you can order any beer and decide how much alcohol to include in the
glass. All on demand in any style with similar quality. The idea is revolutionary, and the day it
could become reality is much closer than you think. In fact, the first taste of the concept is
pouring now from the taps at Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs.

The brewer is now offering three styles of beer each in two different versions one at 5% ABV
and 1% or less Through the brewery’s new partnership with Sustainable Beverage
Technologies, which has a patented method of brewing that removes the alcohol and a draft
system that allows the server to decide how much alcohol to add to the glass when it’s poured.
Tommyknocker is one of a handful of breweries nationwide, including New Belgium and Crazy
Mountain, that are collaborating with Sustainable Beverage Technologies, “Alcohol by choice”
beers — is the term coined by the company.

When it comes to making beer, SBT starts with the same four ingredients as every brewer —
water, malt, hops and yeast. But then the method shifts to " continuous fermentation" that
brews a high-density beer that is magnitudes stronger than the average brew. And, in the
process, the alcohol is removed. In the case of Tommyknocker, SBT is cloning the brewer’s
recipes on its own system. The beer is then packaged in a bag and distributed with a packet
of neutral-flavored alcohol. Both are combined with carbonated water as the beer is poured,
all of it controlled by a digital tuner that regulates the amount of alcohol to what the brewery
sets.  It’s the exact same beer, same exact batch, but just by the way it is dispensed, the
brewer can offer that beer at a variety of ABVs,

The two-packet system means brewers aren’t paying to ship a keg that is mostly water, and
it’s more shelf-stable, meaning it stays fresher longer. Both qualities are important for
Tommyknocker, which ships beer to its other location in Helsinki, Finland. SBT is making two
new versions of Tommyknocker’s best-selling beer, Blood Orange IPA. The packet beer is
slightly sweeter, less crisp and not as bright in terms of citrus flavor