Beer Fights Climate Change

Those who believe in climate change will be please
to know that cows that are fed with the spent grains
produced during the brewing of beer produce 13%
less methane, according to a study carried out by
the Flemish institute for agricultural, fisheries and
food research (ILVO).

Methane is one of the greenhouse gases
responsible for climate change, and much of it is
produced by cows. The gas is emitted as cows burp
while eating, and even when exhaling during the
process of chewing the cud. Methane is produced in
much smaller quantities, around 5%, contrary
to popular wisdom, at the other end of the
digestive process.

The use of brewers’ grains has another advantage –
the reduction of the use of other feed ingredients.
That reduces the ecological footprint of the farm,
The effect, is to cut the footprint of a litre of milk by
31%.  The ILVO study was carried out based on the
166 cows   The report concluded by saying "Spent
grains from breweries not only increase the protein
content of the feed, it also stimulates digestion. And
the cows love it. Better for the cow, and better for
the environment. A win-win
Best Brewery In The World

What’s the best brewery in the world? Well, if you
ask RateBeer, the answer is clear: Hill Farmstead in
Greensboro, Vermont. For an astonishing seventh
year in a row, this artisanal brewery bested over
33,000 others to win the highly coveted title.

RateBeer revealed its annual list of the best
breweries in the world on 2/27/20. It is based on
reviewers out in the beer marketplace and historical
performance. Hill Farmstead, which was founded in
2010, specializes in expertly crafted beers named
after brewer Shaun Hill’s ancestors, all of whom
have roots in the Greensboro area.Highlights of Hill
Farmstead’s tap list include the hoppy yet balanced
American Imperial IPA Abner, the crisp pale ale
Edward and its honey-infused ale, Anna.

Side Project Brewery out of Maplewood, Missouri,
was named the No. 2 brewery in the world. Boston's
Trillium Brewing Company, Tree House Brewing out
of Charlton, Massachusetts, and Tampa, Florida's
Cigar City Brewing round out the top five. Overall,
the United States absolutely dominated RateBeer’s
list, with 66 of 100 of the best breweries. The
highest-ranked international brewery is Cloudwater
Brew Co. from Manchester, England, at No. 8.
March 2020

Famed entertainer Blondie will share in some of Beacon beer company’s (GA)
profits after she claimed they used her image for a new beer without compensating
her.  The bodacious blonde known for her beer-crushing bosoms has her likeness
featured on the blond lager “Crushable” beer can.  Blondie will receive 10 percent
of the “Crushable” beer’s past and future profits.  

Americans spent $1.2 billion on beer in the two weeks leading to the Super Bowl,
compared to $568 million on distilled spirits and $652 million on wine last year.
Over 58 percent of those sales were for aluminum cans of beer, with another
37.4 percent of those sales being attributed to glass bottles.”.

Carlsberg A/S forecast slower earnings growth as the coronavirus outbreak
threatens to crimp beer consumption in Asia.The Danish brewer extended the
shutdown of some breweries in China, where the authorities lengthened the Lunar
New Year holiday in an effort to contain the outbreak. The virus has killed at least
750 people.The company expects revenue from China to be “impacted severely.

Sierra Nevada’s new innovation arm, the Chico Fermentation Project, has
announced its first release: Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha, the company’s
first-ever beyond beer offering. Coming after that will be Ginger, Lemon and
Hibiscus,at 7% ABV. Strainge Beast is also certified organic
Edited by Jim Attacap
Pliny Mania

The two-week release of Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Younger craft beer has officially
ended.  It drew consumers from around the globe, some of whom waited in line for up to 10
hours to get into the Windsor or Santa Rosa (CA) taprooms. It was the first year Russian
River sold the coveted triple India pale ale in bottles, although beer fans were limited to
buying two of them during each visit.

Natalie Cilurzo, co-owner of the brewery, said all 40,000 Pliny bottles available were sold for
$10 apiece. That added $400,000 in extra revenue to the expected overall record sales of
Pliny, which sold on tap for $6 a pour. Also, the super hoppy triple IPA draft beer was sold in
other select taprooms in California;, Oregon;Colorado; and Philadelphia.

About 23,500 customers came to Russian River’s taprooms for Pliny during the 14-day
special release. Many customers left with bottles of the potent beer, as well as various
clothing and other collectibles made..

“The wait times were some that we haven’t seen as long. We had lines from eight to 10 hours
in the first weekend,” co-owner Natalie Cilurzo said. “It was like Nordstrom’s during Christmas.”
Although the revenue total hasn’t yet been tallied, she said  that the Pliny visitors were
roughly split 50-50 at their two locations.

Eventually, the Sonoma County Economic Development Board will total what Pliny tourists
spent on area lodging, meals and travel expenses. Last year, the development board said the
beer release made a $4.2 million contribution to the local economy.

The large crowds of thirsty Pliny fans provided welcome relief to local county tourism officials
who fretted whether visitors would come in significant numbers this year after last year's large
fires. Came they did as the triple IPA helped lift local hotel occupancy to capacity..