Big Tip On Beer Bill

With the spirit of the holiday season, where it is
hoped we show a little more love and kindness: A
customer at a Cleveland restaurant recently left a
$3,000 tip on a beer tab of $7.02.  The anonymous
tipper did so to help the staff during the pandemic.
According to the owner of the eatery, Nighttown,
Brendan Ring. The man told him that he wished him
well and told him to share the tip with the four
employees who were working. Ring said “I ran after
him and he said no mistake we will see you when
you reopen!”The restaurant is voluntarily closing for
a few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a similar vein, a Toronto bar owner's  venue might
stay afloat because her beer customers came to
rescue by buying almost her entire beer stock and
allowing her to survive closing due to COVID-19.
Owner Abra Shiner asked her community for help
via Facebook, "I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able
to pay rent she said People to come buy the beer
we had in our stock room ... and it worked. The post
went viral.  We sold 90 cases in two days. ”
Happy Anniversary

Heavy Seas Beer proudly announces the release of
25, a double barrel aged strong ale brewed in
celebration of their 25th anniversary. First aged in
bourbon barrels and then finished in rye, 25 comes
in at a whopping 15.5% ABV. 25 will be available in
stores in 16oz four-pack cans starting in early
Jnauary 2021  Heavy Seas Beer was founded by
Hugh Sisson in 1995, and has grown to become
one of the most respected and award-winning craft
breweries all along the east coast.  

Budweiser Courtside Thrones

The Atlanta Hawks have been named Anheuser-
Busch InBev’s “NBA Partner of the Year,”The
Hawks transformed two courtside seats into fur-
covered Budweiser thrones, giving the seat holders
buckets of Bud beers emblazoned with the likeness
the Bud and Hawks logos for all 34 regular season
home games. The seats, which can’t be purchased,
will be  awarded to random fans or rappers,
musicians, athletes and influencers,
Jan. 2021

If Spain's La Guardia Civil and the country's Tax Agency appear to be celebrating
this week, it might not have anything to do with the holidays. According to Food
Safety News, the two agencies recently busted a multi-national criminal network that
had been producing and distributing counterfeit whisky. After the dust settled and
the paperwork was completed, 14 people between the ages of 37 and 52 had been
arrested. The bogus bottles were estimated to be worth more than €800,000
($970,000) and the damage to the legitimate whiskey brand—which has yet to be
identified—could've been as much as €4 million ($4.8 million).  Note please they
were afraid to counterfeit craft beer. They just couldn’t make it taste as good.

Beer Goes National

Hop Valley Brewing and its flagship Bubble Stash IPA are poised for a North
American distribution and marketing expansion next year, the brewery’s corporate
parent Molson Coors said..According to Molson Coors’ beer blog Beer & Beyond,
Hop Valley’s significant growth – 21% in 2020 – has positioned it to compete
nationally. The brewery has surged even during the pandemic on the strength of its
chain distribution, which accounts for 80% of its sales. Bubble Stash, part of the
hop-forward brewery’s Stash series collection of IPAs, this year has seen 40%
growth in the Pacific Northwest region, which includes Oregon, Washington and
Idaho. The brewery’s beers are also distributed in California and Vermont.
Hop Valley, founded in 2009, was purchased in 2016 by megabrewery MillerCoors,
which is now Molson Coors, and is part of the corporation’s Tenth & Blake division.

Hero Saves Beer

A woman in Australia is being dubbed a "hero" after wading out into rough surf to
rescue two kegs that were carried out to sea amid a recent bout of extreme weather
off the coast of Queensland— even while another employee described the chaotic
scene as "so dangerous." Footage of the woman’s actions was first broadcast on
Australia’s 7 News, where she could be seen trying to retrieve the kegs while waves
crashed in front of the Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club in Currumbin, on the
Gold Coast. The footage is also on youtube.com.

The woman eventually grabs hold of both kegs, the footage shows.
"It’s just so dangerous," said an employee of the surf club. He also noted that "a lot
of rubbish, a lot of fences" were also swept up in the surf. The club’s entire parking
lot, too, was seen covered by the rushing tides. The woman’s actions, meanwhile,
were also applauded on Twitter, where beer fans quickly dubbed her "wife material"
and expressed admiration for her dedication. One outlet even praised her by
writing, "Not all heroes wear capes — sometimes they carry beer kegs."