Beer For Babies' Milk

In addition to stocking up on diapers and wipes,
families in Germany preparing for a newborn often
make beer runs—for the breast-feeding mom-to-be.
Nurses and midwives in the country commonly
recommend a steady stream of alcohol-free wheat
beer to boost breast milk supply.  But does cracking
open a frosty brew actually help boost breast milk
production? Science says it just might.

In a new study just publlished University of Munich
nutritionist Berthold Koletzko gave beer to non-
breast-feeding women, levels of prolactin in their
blood rose. This is significant because prolactin is a
hormone responsible for initiating lactation in women.
Studies in sheep showed that beer powder, barley
extract, and a crude malt extract triggered a
prolactin rise, whereas a hop extract had no effect.

Donut Beer

Harpoon Brewery and Dunkin' (DNKN) havereleased
al beer collaboration - doughnut-infused beers..
There is a hazy India Pale Ale with a mix of fruit-
forward hops, raspberry puree and Dunkin' jelly
doughnuts; and a doughy Dry Irish Stout made with
cacao nibs and Dunkin' Boston Kreme doughnuts.
Dog Beer Is Here

Busch breweries have introduced a new beer bu it’s
not for you, it’s for your dog.  Busch's says, has lots
of nutrients and a dog-friendly flavor. And it is also
safe for humans to drink, according to the brewery.
The dog-friendly beverage is made from bone-in
pork butt, whole corn, celery, basil, mint, turmeric
and ginger, Dog Brew isn’t a meal replacement, but
it can be served on its own or over food, and can
be used to soften hard food.The brewery is selling
four-packs of the Dog Brew online for $9.99. The
product is not available in stores. Busch is also
looking to support dogs in need of homes and
animal shelters with the beer’s release. The
brewery will donate $1 from each case of six four-
packs to Best Friends Animal Society,

No More Butter Taste

DuPont recently announced the development of an
enzyme that can degrade diacetyl in beer. The
molecule gives lager beers an unwanted butter or
butterscotch flavor. Diacetyl is made by yeast as a
by-product during fermentation as the microbe
produces the amino acid valine.  diacetyl
Oct.. 2020
Olympia Vodka

The iconic Olympia Beer — currently owned by the Pabst Brewing Company —
recently introduced its own line of spirits called Olympia Artesian Vodka. Though
the beer operation (which started in Washington 126 years ago) is currently based
out in California, the vodka distillery is in Tumwater, and claims to use the same
artesian well water that once made Olympia famous.

Win Free Minshew Beer

Gardner Minshew, the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, has partnered with Bud
Light to give fantasy football players a chance to win some free beer. All they have
to do is pick Minshew in the first round of their fantasy draft and post a photo on
social media with #BudLightMinshewDraft and #Sweepstakes to be entered into a
drawing for a $20 pre-paid gift card that can be used to purchase a case of Bud
Light.And if anyone wins their fantasy league title with Minshew as their starting
quarterback, they'll have a chance to win a cash equivalent that can be used to
purchase two cases of Bud Light per month for six months.  

Race Car Beer

AMichael Waltrip, two-time champion of the Daytona 500, announced the creation
of a new brewing company based in Phoenix that bears his name.  The beers will
officially be available in several states starting in September under the brand
name “Two-Time” Lagers & Ales.The new Two-Time beer brand initially features
a lineup of a “Blonde” ale; “Checkered Past,” a coconut India pale ale; and
“Vamanos,” a Mexican-style lager, with new year-round and seasonal selections
being added. Each of the beers has a special story behind it and some clever
and subtle references to racing.

Watch Out - Yuengling Is Coming

D.G. Yuengling & Son, which calls itself "America's Oldest Brewery," announced a
joint venture with Molson Coors to greatly expand production and distribution of
Yuengling beers, including Traditional Lager and Black & Tan, out West, beginning
next year.Yuengling, pronounced YING-ling, is known for its cheap German-style
lager. It is based in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Today it is sold in 22 states and owned
by fifth- and sixth-generation Yuengling family members. Yuengling will operate
independently from Molson Coors, the two companies said Tuesday. Molson Coors
will provide additional capacity for Yuengling to brew more of its beer.

Celebrity Beer Tanks

In his 2013 single “Drink a Beer,” Luke Bryan sings that it’s “funny how the good
ones go too soon.” Now, it’s Bryan’s own beer brand, Two Lane, which is gone too
soon after just a few months on store shelves. He announced on Twitter this week
that the beer’s production has been stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The country music singer-songwriter with Constellation Brands, the company
behind other popular beers like Corona and Modelo, had introduced Two Lane
American Golden Lager in February, as the coronavirus was spreading through the
U.S. but before most Americans had begun taking more serious safety precautions.
At the time, the company touted Bryan’s involvement in “the entire process” of
creating the beer.The beer was brewed in Daleville, Va.