Total Alcohol Ban

South African Breweries, one of the world's largest
brewers, says it plans to destroy 400 million bottles
of beer as a result of the country's ban on alcohol
sales that is part of its lockdown measures to
combat the spread of the coronavirus. The beer,
which amounts to about 130 million liters (34 million
gallons), dumped at a loss of about $8 million. That
loss would put 2,000 jobs at risk,It would also be
frustrating news for millions of thirsty South African
beer drinkers who are going without beer.. South
Africa is one of just a handful of countries that have
prohibited alcohol sales as part of its fight against
the coronavirus. India and Thailand also had bans
on alcohol sales, but recently lifted their restrictions.
Panama and Sri Lanka still have bans in place.
The brewery gave no reason why they just didn't
give it away as is being done in other countries.

Is The Fix In?
Mexico’s is essentially out of beer after the
government deemed the industry non-essential and
ordered it shut. But Constellation Brands who brews
Modelo and Corona in Mexico and sells them in the
U.S. market, is continuing its operations in the
country is being allowed to brew for export sales
while all other breweries remain closed.. .
Free Beer Fridays

With pubs shuttered across the United Kingdom, a
brewery in the northeast of England is giving away
free beer on Fridays. In return, it's asking recipients
to donate to the country's health care workers.
Northumberland's Alnwick Brewery Company with
80 casks of ale, stout and IPA when they were
forced to close.  Rather than dump the beer, which
has a short shelf lives the brewery alerted local
residents and has instituted socially distanced
giveaways on Fridays. People have driven, walked
or biked to the giveaways, carrying whatever they
can find to bring the beer home. "People had
20-liter containers," Robinson said, "a lot were just
bringing milk bottles and empty Coke bottles."
One asked if he could bring a spare bathtub.

More Free Beer

Unable to deliver to hotels and restaurants closed
due to coronavirus restrictions, a German brewery  
gave away some 2,600 litres (690 gallons) of beer.
Rather than throwing it away, the owners of the
Willinger brewery dished it out the light and dark
beer free of charge. Owner Franz Mast said he
needed to empty the tanks as soon as possible to
fill them up again with fresh beer and be ready for
when bars are allowed to reopen.
June 2020
Pandemic Woes = Increased Drinking

Not surprisingly, the worst pandemic in 100 years has driven many to drink. Weekly
retail sales of alcoholic beverages have recently jumped 25 to 55%. Social media is
drowning in vitamin-rimmed “quarantinis”, virtual drinking games and Zoom happy
hours.  According to the breathalyzer app BACTrack, which logs average blood
alcohol among its users, consumption spiked in several US cities after the passage
of stay-at-home orders. Even Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa food mogul and a
portrait of homey wholesomeness, is quaffing cosmos out of a super-sized martini
glass: “It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!” she quipped on Instagram. Because the
old schedules and norms are no longer as rigid, drinking earlier in the day, or on
weekday nights, no longer feels inappropriate. One US university professor, who
asked not to be named because of his work, said he has watched some of his
colleagues start drinking as early as 11. At BeerNexus we ask, wwhy that late?

New Stacking Beer Cans

In an effort to move away from plastic six-pack rings, Corona is testing out a new
type of beer can. The new cans have threading at the top and bottom that allow
them to be connected and stacked on top of each other, creating a long staff of
Corona beers.Corona Fit Packs have been specifically designed for this
interlocking feature.  Not only will this allow Corona to sell beer cans without the
plastic rings, but it will also allow for a wider variety of quantities to be sold.
Apparently, the new system is strong enough to hold ten cans in a single stack.
Of course, ten cans would stand about four-feet-tall, which may or may not be more
convenient to carry around than a traditional six-pack. Maybe this will cause people
to forget that the Coronavirus was named after them.  Oh, just kidding.

Send A Beer To Someone Worthy

Coors has expanded its “Made to Chill” campaign, which launched last year, to roll
out $1 million worth of beer (or about 500,000 cans of Coors Light) to Americans as
an invite to share a beer while many across the country are forced to stay at home,
The campaign has added the “Could Use a Beer” initiative, which allows people to
send a beer to someone worthy of a brew by tweeting at the friend and adding the
hashtag #coulduseabeer. Coors Light will then send a reimbursement code to the
friend tagged in the tweet for the price of one six-pack.