Virtual Beer Pong

Have you tried virtual beer pong as you settle into
more sheltering in place? . It's a variation on the
popular drinking game, which involves a ping-pong
ball strategically bounced across a table, into cups
of beer — except it's all captured on live chat.
The game is pretty challenging — not physically, of
course, but virtually — and there's trash talk, of
course. The software toggles between images of
people on the chat, which means occasionally you
lose sight of the bouncing ball.

Life is carrying on over webcam. Apps including
Zoom, FaceTime and Microsoft  Teams are fast
becoming the linchpins keeping work meetings going
and grandparents visiting. At the more extreme end,
some are even holding virtual versions of bachelor
parties and weddings that were canceled in real life.

Virtual happy hour has even brought out some
introverts. Many people that have never come to our
normal in-person happy hours, now have dialed into
the virtual happy hours —  it's either they like the
venue more, or they're finally pushed to the point of
desperation.  It seems that human contact is a
necissity even if it's virtual.
Get Married For Free Beer

Nothing can bring back the months of wedding
planning that went to waste after coronavirus hit.
But one company is hoping it can help alleviate
engaged couples' stress during the pandemic with
-- what else -- beer. Busch Beer is offering couples
whose wedding plans have changed due to the
coronavirus a chance to win its free beer for a year.

"Whether couples ran to city hall to say 'I do' or are
postponing until another time when they can gather
friends and family, this small consolation will allow
them to focus on what really matters -- each other
-- and cheers all year long," the company said in a
news release.Couples who altered their wedding
plans this year are asked to post a photo of
themselves on social media -- using the hashtags
#BuschWeddingGift and #Sweepstakes -- with a
caption explaining how they still plan on celebrating.

Two hundred and fifty winners will receive a $300
debit card, which can then be used to buy two
24-pack cases per month.Friends of engaged
couples can also enter, using the hashtags
#MyFriends Wedding and #Sweepstakes, to win a
T-shirt or coozie.  Sorry, no beer will be awarded
tor them.
Mayl 2020
Pandemic Causes Beer Dumping

Millions of pints of beer and cider might need to be dumped in the United Kingdom
as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Large quantities as ale, which has a shelf
life of six to eight weeks, and lager, which lasts between three and four months,
may never get consumed after being delivered to various outposts ahead of the
outbreak of COVID-19, according to the Campaign for Real Ale. The group
estimates that 51 million pints of beer, lager and cider may get tossed as a result.
Tens of thousands of venues  have shut their doors indefinitely amid the crisis.

Breweries Closing At Alarming Rate

Although the craft beer industry was still growing before the Coronavirus hit it was
growing at a slower rate than before, which is not surprising giving the industry's
maturity. What is worrisome are the number of breweries that are closing.
Even before the pandemic set in, the number of closures was rising. Last year,
there were 294 brewery closings, or 34% more than the 219 that closed in 2018,
and 78% more than the 164 that shut their doors in 2017. A survey of member craft
breweries by the Brewers Association found that while just 14% could last only a
month or less, 60% of respondents could only survive three months if current social
distancing practices remained in effect.The trade group was already expecting 4%
to 5% of all craft brewers to close this year, which would represent between 330
and 400 breweries shutting their doors, but the pandemic could exacerbate that
dramatically, calling it an "existential threat" to the industry.

Best Sellers

A look at Pennsylvania’s top-selling wines and spirits as society began to social-
distance from the coronavirus, shows that value is important. Quality may be
another question..Top selling spirit in the last 3 weeks before places were being
shut down with over 300,000 “airplane” bottles sold was Fireball, a cinnamon-
flavored whiskey that might best be described as the love child of whiskey and
those little Red Hots candies. The 50 mL size, which sell for a buck, is used as a
mixer or simply as a shot.  We have no explanation.  The top-seller in wine was a
Californian from Gallo called Apothic. It’s a red blend of zinfandel, syrah, merlot,
and cabernet sauvignon.  We have no explanation for that either.