Brewery Hand Sanitizer

.When Leinenkugel Brewing, Wisconsin,  heard that
there was a shortage of hand sanitizer in the area,
the plant reached out to Chippewa River Distillery to
come up with a solution. The brewery donated one
hundred and sixty five barrels of bulk beer to the
distillery, that will distill it into pharmaceutical ethanol
which will be made into hand sanitizer. The sanitizer
will then be distributed to local first responders and
healthcare workers. "This is the whole community
coming together, with all different local businesses
contributing to this," says Chippewa River Distillery
manager Gary Vidlund. "We really want to get this
hand sanitizer out because it's important to the
community and making sure that people are safe."

Buying Beer Online

If you want a delivery in hour or two the two best
apps for this are MiniBar and Drizly.  If you want a
special craft beer then your best bet is either
Craftshack or Hopsy. Hopsy sends growlers of fresh
draft beer in the mail to you, while Craftshack sends
bottles and cans. Note that in Alabama, Oklahoma,
or Utah it’s technically illegal to have any alcohol in
your state delivered to a private person,
Adopt - Get Free Beer

Busch and Midwest Animal Rescue & Services in
Minnesota have teamed up to offer prospective dog
owners: free beer.
"Busch is bringing two of your
favorite things, beer and dogs, together for a great
cause," Busch said in a statement. "Anyone who
fosters or adopts a dog through MARS will receive
a fresh, 3-month supply of crisp, cold Busch beer."

Busch won't hand out the cold beer itself, according
to the fine print. But it'll give 500 recipients — who
must be 21 or over — a $100 gift card they can use
to buy it. Having a pet comes with mental and
physical health benefits, which can be particularly
helpful for people socially isolating.

Coronavirus Unemployment

There are more than 1 million restaurants in the
U.S., employing an estimated 15.6 million people,
according to the National Restaurant Association.
The number of bars and drinking establishments,
meanwhile, sits at over 60,000, with close to
350,000 working in the sector, per Statista data.
urrently nearly half of that population had lost
their jobs
 because of COVID-19 closures.
April 2020
Big tip

- A  local bartender was shocked when she received a $1,000 on a $47 bill.
t  the Belgian Cafe in Phildelphia. Lisa Sloat had just finished serving a semi-
regular customer and brought him the bi
ll. The generosity came at truly the perfect
time and while she has a smile on her face she has been battling health issues.
The restaurant is also w
as closing the next day per the Governor's orders.

Famous Czech Breweries Close

Czech breweries -- including Pilsner Urquell and Budejovicky Budvar -- have
stopped refilling kegs and started storing their beer in cooled cellars as they seek
to limit damage from pub closures caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
Breweries have also ramped up bottle and can production lines to offset a loss from
keg sales both abroad and in the Czech Republic, which leads the world in per
capita beer consumption.
"Nobody knows when the pubs will reopen," said Petr Kofron, manager of the
Pilsner brewery in Prague, owned by Japan's Asahi

Senior Citizen Beer

Rresidents of a Wesley (MA) senior living center batted around a few ideas for their
beer club, and on Last Sip Brew Club.  average craft beer fans, who, according to
recent data from Nielsen, are typically males aged 21 to 44. Members of Last Sip,
however, range from about 70 to 90, and a majority of regular attendees are
women. You can tell the frequent attendees by their blue baseball caps,
emblazoned with the club’s name across the front,.