Pick over the cannelloni beans and
discard any stones. Soak the beans in
cold water for 4 hour or overnight.
Drain the beans and place in a large
saucepan with plenty of water.
Simmer uncovered until the beans are
tender about 60 minutes. Drain
beans. If you don’t want to use dried
beans then you could skip this part
and just use canned beans-about 1
½ c. total. Please rinse the liquid that
is in the can off the beans first.

*Warm a skillet over medium high
heat. Add the pine nuts and cook
stirring constantly until golden 1 to 2
minutes. Remove from the pan
and let cool.
(Continued Below)
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Heat 2 T. of olive oil in a large soup pot over medium heat. Add the onions,
carrot, and celery and cook, stirring occasionally until the vegetables are tender
about 20 minutes. Add the tomatoes, zucchini, squash, stock and 3 cups of water.
Simmer until the vegetables are tender about 45 minutes.

In the meantime, place the basil, pine nuts, garlic, 4 T. of olive oil and ½ c. of the
parmigiano in the blender or food processor. Blend a high speed until well mixed
about 1 minute. Stop and scrape down the sides periodically and continue to
blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Fifteen minutes before serving, add the cooked cannelloni beans or the canned
ones, green beans and pasta-simmer covered until the pasta is cooked about 10
minutes. Add the Swiss chard and simmer 5 more minutes. Season with salt and
black pepper.

Ladle the soup into bowl and top with a spoon of the pesto and sprinkle with
more of the parmigiano. Serve with crusty garlic bread.
and as always,......remember you can do it!
Just read the recipe twice and go slow
So until the next time we meet and
discuss the finer things in life and love-
be well.
Live Long, Love Often,
Be Happy and Eat Well
Cynthia Soboti
Executive Chef
Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant
          Restful Autumn

I hope all of you had a wonderful summer vacation/rest
for the body and the mind.  Now that you have recharged
those energy cells you should be ready to dive into the
many tasks that the upcoming holiday season
will demand of you!

There is, however, one question I've always wondered
about - can of can a FAMILY vacation  actually give you a
rest? I had three children and vacations always meant
even more work than normal- which in my case is really
intense.  On every trip it was my job to make sure
everyone is doing something all the time.

Not only was I the social director, I planned the itinerary,
the wardrobe, the finances, trip route, and had to
anticipate ever thing that might happen along the way. If
that wasn't enough, I had to arrange for the pets' care
too.  Oh, did I mention I also had to pack everything the
family MIGHT need into a few suitcases and throw them
into the car along with the kids?  Only then were we  
finally off to have FUN!!   Hopefully you won’t have to go
too far, but close or distant- like Donkey said- it will be
“are we there yet, are WE there yet, ARE WE THERE

Adding to my
fun were the endless stops at every gas
station bathroom, and, when arriving at our destination,  
the pleasure of dragging everything out, putting it away,
and once again assuming the position of social director,
referee, and  parent.

With vacations like this"home" always sounded like the
real vacation to me.  Ah, but the end of summer meant
the kids were excited that school would be starting and I
could dream of that someday place where I could quietly
enjoy a few moments of much needed rest.

I did find an answer to all this and it's one you might try.  
Next year send the kids on one vacation and you on a
separate one. It will be better for you and them. Just
think of how nice it will be when you can exchange with
them the events of

The summer is at an end so the bounty of garden or the
farmers market is plentiful. The weather has turned to a
slight chill in the air, which is wonderful I might add,
makes me think of big bowls of soup and stews along with
crusty garlic bread and hot mugs of mulled cider. That to
me is so much the comforts of home and the fall season.

A harvest vegetable soup with pesto sounds really good......
so, let’s cook.

        (continued top of next column)

Harvest Vegetable Soup
with Pesto
serves 6

½ c. dried cannelloni beans

6 T. extra virgin olive oil

1 small yellow onion chopped

2 small carrots, peel, dice ½ inch

2 small celery stalks dice ½ inch

1 green zucchini ¾ inch dice

1 yellow squash ¾ inch dice

2 cups peeled, seeded and chopped tomatoes

4 cups chicken or vegetable stock

½ c. packed fresh basil leaves washed and
spun dry

1 T. Toasted Pine Nuts*

1 Garlic Clove Minced

1 c. grated parmigiano reggiano cheese

salt and black pepper to taste

½ lb green beans ends trimmed and cut into
1 inch pieces

¼ lb fusilli pasta or other pasta of your

3 c. packed Swiss chard leaves rough cut