Keep stirring until all the bits are in
solution. The flour you tossed the
meat in will act as rouge and
thicken the stew as it cooks. Now
stir in about 2T. of beef base and
2 T. of chicken base. If using
bouillion only put one cube of each
into the water. Stir to dissolve.
Now add about 5 cups each of
peeled carrots and ukon gold
potatoes cut in ¾ in dice. Stir and
add enough water to cover the
ingredients by about two inches.
Stir completely and raise the
temperature to a boil then stir and
cut the flame back to a
simmer(remember a simmer means
that you should see medium sized
bubbles erupting sporadically over
the surface with some kind of
frequency.) Simmer for 2 ½ hour
it may take 3 hours. Keep an eye
on the pot and stir occasional so
nothing stick to the bottom. After
about the 1st hour taste the stew
for salt and pepper. If it needs
more add it to your taste. The
potatoes will need more salt as
they cook but again it will be to
your taste.
In a large heavy bottomed pot like an 8
quart Dutch oven with a lid(I like the cast
iron enamel coated ones) placed over
medium high heat-Add ¼ cup for bacon fat
and 2 tablespoon of butter and let it melt
together. Add the beef a little at a time and
brown on all sides. Some may stick to the
bottom of the pot-that’s alright-just keep
moving it around and not let it burn to the
bottom. If you find the heat is to high of
course turn it down and if you need more
turn it up. The same goes for the fat-If you
need more add a little butter but be careful
as the flour will absorb it and you don’t
want to much fat. When the meat is
browned sprinkle and additional 3 T. of the
flour mixture over the meat and stirs it in,
add about 4 cups of tap water and scrape
the browned bits from the bottom of the pot
as this is a lot of great flavor.

(continued below)
When the stew has thickened as
much as you like your stew then
put the top on and continue to
cook until the meat is very soft.
You must remember to stir
occasionally and if you need more
water add it as needed or not.
When the stew is done to your
satisfaction shut it off and leave
the cover on.
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South Orange, NJ 07079
(973) 762-7077
Even if you have a busy schedule there is one
piece of equipment I think is necessary in
today homes and that is a crock pot. (and an
automatic timer to turn it off and on when
your not home) There are many brands out
there just select the one that is big enough
for your family. I would advise one that is
bigger than the amount for one meal
because thinking ahead you do have to go
to work the next day and that dinner would
make a great lunch tomorrow.(instead of
that Big Mac)
Mom’s Beef Stew
8 servings

2 cups All Purpose Flour
2 t. salt
1 ½ pepper
2 T paprika
1 t. garlic powder

Place all these in a bowl and stir
them together or sift them together
into a bowl.

4 to 5 lb. of beef chuck cut into 1
inch cubes (don’t us stew beef, it’s
to fatty)

Bacon fat you saved from cooking
bacon in the morning for breakfast
(or if you have no bacon fat you
could use olive oil but the flavor will
be compromised.) Now toss the
meat in the flour mixture and shake
it off so only a thin coat remains on
the meat.

(continued top of next column)
Enjoy the fall and remember you can do it just read
the recipe twice and go slow
And now for a few last words.  As I begin my day I'd like to say Goooood Moorning AMERICA
land of the FREE and Home of the Brave!!!!! Can you believe that with all your heart! What
about eminent domain-Government Involvement in the way you run YOUR business and your
hiring practices-Your right to publicly pledge your allegiance to our FLAG-WHAT ABOUT THE
LAW—Commit a crime and pay the price( what price! People today get away with MURDER
behind the vail of political correctness.) Back in the Day, My Day, if you were bad in school the
teacher dished out the punishment and then you got it again at home, the police didn’t have
there hands tied either. People feared the consequences for unsocial acts committed on the
population but now it’s a joke. Look at the people themselves, Morality is at an all time low,
the young people have no knowledge of how to act in polite society and could never be
introduced to the President or the Queen(What!Queenie Who!)The rules on etiquette and
how to act in public are all changed now, it’s an I- I- ME- ME world today and anything goes.
Someone said (I don’t remember who)
So until the next time we meet and discuss the finer things in life and
love- be well.
Live Long, Love Often,
Be Happy and Eat Well
Egg Noodles 2 lbs.

You can use wide noodles or bow tie
noodles. Cook as the package advises.
When finished toss with some butter
and serve the stew over the top. If you
like a lot of pasta of course you can
make more or less it depends on your
personal preference.

This meal served with Hot Rolls and a
side salad is memories on a cold and
clammy day or any day for that matter.
Made with love from the heart for your
family.Now for the vegetarian in mind
you could change this recipe this way:
(continued below)

Replace the meat with seitan

Replace the Bacon fat with olive oil but
still use the butter

Replace the beef and chicken base with
vegetable base

I would also split the 5 lbs. of beef with
3 lbs. of seitan, 1 lb. each of turnip and
celery root cut in ½ inch cubes.

The rest of the instructions would be
the same but the time cooking would
change to be only long enough to soften
the vegetables and thicken the stew.
You don’t want the vegetables to
become too soft.
Cynthia Soboti
Executive Chef
Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant
It’s raining out now-for days as a matter of
fact-and the things I most remember are the
wonderful cold, rainy days of my childhood
and the great comfort I knew in the warm
kitchen of my mother’s house as I awoke
from an afternoon nap to the aroma of fresh
bread baking in the oven and a pot of stew
cooking on the stove for dinner that night.
Mom always gave us a sample – Hot bread
with butter and homemade beach plum jelly.
It’s such a shame that our world today with
all it’s advancement has robbed the children
of memories of Mom-Fathers and the true
comforts of home(being replace by Latch
keys, cell phones and beepers to know where
your kids are and of course microwave oven
so they can heat up their dinner when they
get home- to an empty house or at best the
house keeper from who knows where
teaching our children who knows what. I
lament over all the things these children will
never know- comforts of home, love,
discipline, respect and appreciation for others-
but of course they will know how to work a
computer (even if the can’t add the numbers
up themselves-god forbid the battery goes
dead) Enough of this- Let’s talk about some
really good comfort food you can make at
If you should decide to use a crock
pot then you would add all the
ingredients to the pot at once and
only add enough water to just be
able to see the water below the
ingredients. You are not going to be
able to brown the meat unless you
do that before you put it into the
crock pot. That is possible to do in a
pan and then put the meat into the
crock pot with the rest of the
ingredients and proceed by putting
the top on the crock pot and turning
the dial to low. In this case you
should read the instructions that
come with the pot to familiarize
your self with that particular piece
of equipment. Using a crock pot
means slow and long cooking and
you must decide when you are
going to come home so you can
program the timer to shut itself off
and go into holding mode. A yes a
computer thing but a good one.
Read and be informed.