To roast garlic:
2 large heads of garlic-Do not peel- rub
surface of garlic bulbs with olive oil and
sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Wrap
in aluminum foil and place in a heat proof
dish in a 400 degree oven for about 40
minutes. You will know it is done by
carefully squeezing the bulb with a kitchen
towel. If it seems to give and is soft them it’
s done. Remove from the oven and allow to
cool. When you can easily handle them
without burning yourself, then cut off the
top and squeeze out the garlic. It will come
out easily and be soft and wonderful.
Remove all garlic and reserve for your
Cannelini Beans:
1-16 oz bag of cannelini dried beans
6 cups water
2 bay leaves
3 to 4- 8 oz bottles of clam juice
1- 8 oz slab of bacon (I know we want
low fat but we are only using the meat
part of the bacon for flavor only.)
¼ cup olive oil
2 T. butter 2 cloves of fresh minced garlic
½ t. hot pepper flakes 1 small white onion
finely diced
½ cup white wine
2 dz. little neck clams scrubbed clean
1-12 oz can of clam meat
Salt and black pepper to taste
3 T. of chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
In a fry pan render the bacon
(cook) until all the fat has been
removed and your left with the
meat part of the bacon.

In a large pot put the cold water,
beans and the bay leaves. Bring
to a boil and add the slab of
bacon. Adjust the heat level so
the beans only simmer. Skim the
foam off the top as it rises. Keep
watching the beans. When the
level of the water reaches the
beans start to add the clam juice
one bottle at a time until the
beans are soft but not mushy.
This should take about 2 hours.
When they are finished drain the
liquid from the beans and reserve.
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Now for the Sauté:

In a large pot or frying pan put ¼ cup of
olive oil and 2 T. of butter. Add 2 cloves
of fresh garlic minced ½ t. hot pepper
flakes, and 1 small white onion finely
diced. Sauté until translucent then add
the roasted garlic and sauté 1 minute.
Add one cup of the liquid drained from
the beans (if you don’t have one cup use
what you do have and add white wine to
make the one cup plus the ½ cup of
white wine call for in the recipe. Now
add the 2 dozen little neck clams to the
pot and sauté shaking the pot back and
forth then cover an allow the clams to
steam open. Check and any that do not
open should be discarded. Now add the
can of clam meat to the sauté and the
canellini beans. Add salt and black
pepper to taste and toss with 3 T. of
chopped fresh flat leaf parsley. Serve
with crusty Italian bread. Serve this
with a nice green salad with balsamic
Mix the herbs and the olive oil
together. Salt and pepper both sides of
the Ostrich and place them in a single
layer in a shallow pan. Spread the herb
mixture over the steaks and then turn
over to coat both sides. Cover with
plastic wrap and refrigerate them
overnight or at least 6 hours. Remove
them and grill over hot coals or a gas
grille (or a grill pan on the stove) till
medium. Never cook this meat to well
done. There is no fat so your meat will
come out very much like a hockey
puck. Hard and nasty. A few pats of
butter on each steak as you plate them
will make a nice sauce as it melts and
mixes with the herbs on the meat.
Cannelini Beans, Roasted Garlic and
Little Neck Clams. Serves 6

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Lady fingers with Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberries, Blueberries &
Balsamic Reduction.

Purchase Soft Lady fingers and Strawberry Ice Cream
Purchase fresh Strawberries and Fresh Blueberries
Place Balsamic Vinegar in a pot and on a low flame reduce the vinegar until you have a
syrup the consistence of molasses. Cool and place in a bottle.
In a bowl place some lady fingers, a large scoop of strawberry ice cream then some sliced
strawberries and blueberries. Then drizzle the dessert with the balsamic reduction and
top with whip cream.

Very Nice.
So until the next time we meet and discuss the finer things in life
and love- be well.

Remember, as I always tell you-You can do it if you read the
recipe twice and go slow.

Live Long, Love Often,
Be Happy and Eat Well

Cynthia Soboti
Executive Chef
Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant
June is here and I hope you didn’t forget one of
the most important people you know- Dad of
course and it’s Father’s Day, the big guy in our
lives. Years ago we would say the money maker
not so in today’s world. Women are on the cutting
edge of business today bigger than ever but don’t
get me started on that soap box …… we must, and
want to honor Pop’s. Our meat and potatoes man
and I mean that in a nice way. Although having a
big hunk of animal protein to chew is not my first
choice; I think we should cut, gut and slap on the
grill some………Ostrich. Thought I was going to
say beef or bison---nope! If we are going to give
him meat than at least let there be less cholesterol
and of course less fat. We want to keep him
around along time; clogged arteries and all that
sort of thing. It is a fact that Ostrich is mucccch
lower in cholesterol and significantly lower in fat
than even the leanest piece of beef.( Bison is also
low in fat and cholesterol) It is technically a fowl
but is a red meat and in most cases tastes very
much like beef. Today we are going to marinate
this Ostrich steak in the good fat, extra virgin olive
oil, and plenty of herbs. Our menu is:
Grilled Ostrich Steak with Cannelini Beans,
Roasted Garlic and Little Neck Clams.
Our dessert will be Lady Fingers with Strawberry Ice
Cream, Strawberries, Blueberries and a drizzle of
Balsamic Reduction.
Let’s start--

Grilled Ostrich Steak Serves 6

6- 8oz ostrich steaks

Salt and black pepper

¼ cup of coarsely chopped flat leaf Italian

¼ cup of scallions (white and green parts) cut in
very thin rounds

¼ cup of mint torn into course pieces

¼ cup of cilantro coarsely chopped

1 T. Thyme 1 T. Rosemary chopped

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

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