Breakfast Frittata

Breakfast is a very important meal-and
don’t tell me you don’t have time. Do the
prep at night and then it only takes 15
minutes to cook. Remember you can do
this, just read the recipe twice
and go slow.

You will need a 10 inch Teflon fry pan
Begin heating the oven to 350 degrees


1 clove garlic finely chopped
½ of a large onion peeled and diced
A pinch of chili flakes
¼ t. finely chopped rosemary
¼ t. finely chopped thyme
Pinch of salt and black pepper
1 small can of cooked potatoes diced
1 T. butter
1T. olive oil
1 c. cooked and chopped broccoli or
½ c. cooked ham diced
6 large eggs
¼ c. milk or half and half
Pinch of salt and black pepper
1 c. shredded cheese
(I like pepper jack but you could use
what you like)

Put the 1 T. of olive oil and the butter in
the fry pan and heat together

Add the garlic and the onion and sauté a
few minutes-add the chili flakes,
rosemary and thyme and sauté a minutes

Add the potatoes, a pinch of salt and
black pepper and brown slightly

Now add the cooked broccoli and ham

Beat the eggs with the milk, salt and
black pepper and add slowly to the
broccoli mixture
stir around a bit so the egg mixes with
the rest of the ingredients

now put the cheese on the top and
sprinkle it around to cover the top-place
the fry pan in the oven for 15 minutes

The top should be puffed and
browned slightly

(continued below)
You can make this vegetarian by leaving out the ham and substituting either
tofu, tempe or vegetarian sausage

Remove from the oven and turn out onto a serving plate.
Cut into six pieces and enjoy!

If you want you could make two and have them for another day when you
don’t have time-they heat very well in the microwave

Bon Apitito
and as always,......remember you can do it!
Just read the recipe twice and go slow
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South Orange, NJ 07079
(973) 762-7077
So until the next time we meet and discuss the finer things in life and
love- be well.
Live Long, Love Often,
Be Happy and Eat Well
Cynthia Soboti
Executive Chef
Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant
It’s 4 A.M. and the day is just beginning for me. Yes I am
an early riser. It’s always more beautiful in the wee hours
of the morning, the air is crisp and cool with a gently
breeze. The quiet is only broken by the occasional songs of
the  early birds sounding the alarm to the rest of the
animal world that soon the sun will rise and it will be time
for them to go to work. Yes, even the smallest of animals
must work to protect themselves from the harsh winter
that will soon come; work hard and prepare for the time in
the future when you will not be able to work.

If we take heed of the animal world there are many good
lessons to be learned including -those that work, eat and
find shelter. Those that don’t,well you know the story, but
we are human and not governed by such amoebic ideals.
We are not only human, we are Americans, a fantastic
people that do believe in working hard and prospering.  
We also believe in helping those that are less fortunate
than ourselves.  We believe in extending that olive branch-
a leg up so to speak-but to that end we have caused
some of the worst problems this nation has seen.
Assistance-a nice word-a good word-but over the years it
has been so distorted its unrecognizable as it’s intended
meaning.  We have people that have been on assistance
for 10 generations-that’s what they do-collect assistance.  
I believe in helping the needy people but I do believe they
should do some sort of work for that assistance. It stands
to reason that most people don’t want a hand out-they
would rather be doing something for the help they get but  
there are the some people-you know who you are-(they
probably don’t read this column) who find it much easier to
just collect a check and cash it at the liquor store.

And then there is the next greatest give away-the
government has now passed the $700,000,000,000
assistance to the WALL STREET CROOKS.  I have a
business but no one bails me out if I make a buffoon
mistake-no one steps in and says “oh poor you-you can’t
pay your mortgage because you bet to much money at the
race track-don’t worry-you don’t have to pay this month
and by the way you don’t have to pay next month either.
No one helped our fathers when they couldn’t pay the rent-
and they weren’t lazy people there just was no work. But
now in the mist of all these privileged people who make
the great big bucks we the little people who work damn
hard for our money have to bail out these morons. GIVE
ME A BREAK.   I say they should go STRAIGHT TO JAIL and
don't pass go! I’m dams mad, but then I’m only one of the
little people. My mother used to say(god rest her soul)that
this great country will be destroyed from within.  We don’t
need to worry about the foreign enemies. I guess we will
see with this next election if we put in office a president
that will fight terrorists and not befriend them.  Enough
said and remember it is only my opinion-yes I have that
right along with everyone else.My father, his father, and
his father’s father died so I and you could have that right-
freedom of speech-it’s a great thing!  
Now let’s cook a
breakfast Frittata

      (continued top next column)
October 2008