The Soup

4 T. olive oil

1 white onion diced small

2 cloves garlic minced

2 c. carrots diced ¼ inch

1 c. celery diced ¼ inch

20 c. chicken stock

2 c. orzo

10 c. chopped escarole (about 3 large
heads washed)

Salt and black pepper to taste

Good quality extra virgin olive oil to
drizzle on soup

Parmesan cheese to dust over soup

In a large soup pot sauté the
onion and garlic in the olive oil
until translucent 5 minutes. Add
the carrots and celery and sauté 5
minutes. Add the chicken stock
and bring to a boil. Now add the
orzo and simmer 4 minutes, add
the meatballs and simmer the
whole thing for 15 minutes or until
the meatballs and orzo are cooked
through. Add the escarole and
stir-simmer 6 minutes and you are
ready to serve. Ladle into a bowl
and drizzle with the extra virgin
olive oil and garnish with the
parmesan cheese. Serve this

with crusty country bread or
baguette, cold beer for the adults
and a really nice apple cider
for the children.

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Mix all these ingredients together in a
bowl like you would a meatloaf. Now
wet your hand so the mixture doesn’t
stick and make 1 inch diameter
meatballs and place them on a tray and
refrigerate for 30 minutes while you
begin the soup.

Soup - top of next column
and as always,......remember
you can do it!Just read the
recipe twice and go slow
So until the next time we
meet and discuss the finer
things in life and love-
Live Long, Love Often,
Be Happy and Eat Well
Cynthia Soboti
Executive Chef
Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant
Can you believe that it’s 2008!!  It seems the older I get
the faster time goes. That’s one of the cruel jokes of
aging. Time can seem to be the enemy. When you are
young and relatively unseasoned as to the world around
you time is something that never seems to move.

I remember when I couldn’t wait to be able to wear
makeup, date boys, drive a car, drink legally, graduate,
make my own decisions, vote. Then you get married,
have children and if you take the responsibility seriously
of raising well adjusted contributing asserts to society.  
You turn around and after homework, soccer, football,
wrestling, bump & bruises, and parenting. I blinked and
30 years have flown.  I think we all will eventually
wonder who that person is that we see each morning
from the looking glass over the bathroom sink.

I know its January and we all make New Year
resolutions (fully aware there is a 90% chance that they
will fade like the remembrance of love's first kiss) but I
am challenging myself to change only one thing. I would
like to remember that each day I get up is a new day
God gave me to see this world as a beautiful work in
progress and that we all breath the same air different
only by the outer shell we wear. My wish for this year is
that we as a people will just slow down. Take time to be
with your family and the ones you love before it’s too
late. We always think that we will do that TOMORROW,
but what if you could look into the crystal ball and find
out you don’t have a tomorrow. What a loss today
would have been! With all this philosophical stuff in mind
let’s make it lighter and cook-have fun and love often. I
would like to teach you a really good soup to share with
your family on a cold winter night when
you can all be together.

Escarole and Orzo Soup with Turkey
Parmesan Meatballs 8 dinner servings

2 lbs. lean ground turkey
¾ c plain dried breadcrumbs
3 eggs
¾ c. parmesan cheese grated
3 T. chopped fresh parsley
3 garlic cloves minced
2 t. sea salt
½ t. black pepper

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