Lion Stout - imported from Sri Lanka.  
This Gold Medal winner in many beer festivals is  one of the top stouts
around.  The nose instantly brings notes of roasted barley and light
coffee.  First sip has a  pleasant sweetness in a background of dark fruits
and molasses.  The taste quickly shows a dryness boasting of roasted
grains.  A very subdued bitterness throughout with a medium-heavy body.
Lightly carbonated, the brew has a smooth, slightly creamy feel which
hides its 8% ABV quite well.  Overall, an enjoyable and complex stout.
Note- this beer seemed to develop at the higher end of the
recommended temperature range.
Brewery Michael Plank Hefe Weizen.
This bottle conditioned opaque-hazed brew pours with a mild
effervescence under a creamy off-white head.  Taste is sweet and yeasty
with notes of white grape, banana, and honeydew. Mouthfeel is medium
bodied. There is a flavorful mineral element to the beer, with succulent
spices emanating from the hops (lemongrass, starfruit, wildflowers,
lilacs) and a welcome lack of wheat blandness. The fresh malts highlight
the crisp, dry, drinkable nature of the beer.  With warming, a honey-cream
sweetness emerges which leads to a bit more body.    Overall, this
is a very enjoyable hefe.
Brewery Michael Plank Heller Doppelbock
Universally praised by club members this brew poured a dark golden
color with a medium sized, white head that left nice lacing on the glass.  
There  was a warm, welcoming aroma that showcased the brew's  
flavor profile of honey, toasted dough, caramel, floral hops, citrus, and
grain notes. Taste was lightly sweet, with hints of raisins, and toffee
malt.  The 7.8% ABV is mostly hidden though it does appropriately
appear at mid-sip.  Might not  fit strict guidelines of a Dopplebock to
some, but  this proved to be a truly excellent beer.  Overall it was
the highest rated beer in our tasting!
Note- only 400 cases of this outstanding beer are produced each year
so if you see it consider buying as many as are available..  
Brewery Michael Plank Dunkler Weizenbock
The lush nose brings notes caramelized fruit bread, dark caramel,
plum, stewed prunes, and light nuttiness.   The body is soft and
somewhat creamy, with a smooth, medium bodied mouthfeel.  There
is a  moderate sweetness throughout with  ever present banana bread
flavor in the background.  As the finish approaches, a light spice
emerges with tastes of biscuits, roasted grains, toasted bread crust,
nuts herbs, and caramel.   A gentle bitterness arises in mid-taste but
quickly moves towards a long, slightly sweet finish.  A lively carbonation
is seem throughout along with  a moderate acidity.  
This is another fine brew from Plank!
The Brewery Michael Plank was established in 1617.  It is a
small family owned business that is now under the direction of
the 16th generation Michael Plank.

The current Michael Plank is now the brewmaster and is
credited with honing the traditional recipes to their current
levels which have led to the company being named as the
"Best Small Brewery in the World"
at the 2006 World Beer Cup!
Draught Board 15 - Tasting Notes
The October meeting of
the DB 15 was
highlighted by an
presentation from
the Northeast Sales
Director of Elite
Brands, importers of
Lion Stout and a
selection of excellent
offerings from
Brewery Michael
Plank, Laaber,
Bavaria Germany.

These tasting notes
represent a
summary of those
taken by various club
members who
attended the meeting.
Brewery Michael
Plank Distribution
in NJ

You will find
Michael Plank Hefe-
weizen, Dunkler
Weizenbock, Heller
Weizenbock, and Heller
Doppelbock at these
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823 Riverview Dr

Note- you can ask your
local store to order these
beers since they are now
available in our area.
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