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From Bottles to Growlers- beer reviews by SANDY FELD, certified taster
Yards Poor Richard's Spruce Ale

A spiced ale at 5% ABV, this brew is supposedly made from an authentic,
colonial recipe. It opens with a nose of brown sugar, dark plum and spruce.
The taste brings more spruce woodiness, spice, and tobacco notes in a malt
background.  Molasses and pine lead to a somewhat dry finish with lingering
spruce and wood notes playing against the malt.  Just not for me.

Overall rating:- below average
Schlafly Christmas Ale

This spiced ale from St. Louis (8% ABV) pours an amber-orange and
immediately brings smells of spice and cinnamon.  Nutmeg notes
with sweet caramel and bubblegum greet first sip.  By mid taste
cinnamon returns to take over.  As the finish nears vanilla and floral
notes emerge along with a slightly sweet, warming alcohol flavor.  
A nicely done holiday beer that fits well on a cold day.

Overall Rating -  Good
Having sampled nearly 4,000 different beers in my
capacity as a fully certified taster I can promise
honest, thoughtful, and careful evaluations.  However,
remember that these reviews are totally subjective.  
Consider this column an informative resource only.  
The bottom line is to trust your own judgment and
keep drinking!  

Beers Reviewed
Pike Auld Acquaintance

A so called "winter warmer" at 5.5% ABV, this
beer pours a clear mahogany with a thick
pale golden head. It's brewed with orange
peel, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg that
appear by mid-taste.  A malty biscuity
background throughout. Dry in the end with
some lingering hops, grain and coriander.
More hops would help, still its a decent beer.

Overall Rating:  average
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