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From Bottles to Growlers- beer reviews by SANDY FELD, certified taster
New Holland The Poet

This stout brings hints of wood smoke and roasted malts in the nose.  First
sip has light coffee, toasted almonds, darl malts, with a touch of hop
bitterness.  In mid-taste dark chocolate, coffee, raisins, figs, caramel and oats
all appear. The finish is dry with big roastness overtones.  Solid beer.

Overall rating:- above  average
Carton 077XX Double IPA

This is an imperial IPA that weighs in at a somewhat modest
7.8% ABV. The nose and taste are the samel - citrus hops, lemon,
oranges, and light tropical fruits with malts in the background. Not
quite as hoppy you might expect for the style but not overly sweet
as some double IPAs can be.  Medium bodied, this is a very easy to
drink DIPA. A nicely made beer from a new brewery in New Jersey.

Overall Rating -  Very Good
Having sampled well over 3,750 different beers in my
capacity as a fully certified taster I can promise
honest, thoughtful, and careful evaluations.  However,
remember that these reviews are totally subjective.  
Consider this column an informative resource only.  
The bottom line is to trust your own judgment and
keep drinking!  

Beers Reviewed
Kane Head High IPA

The West Coast comes East in this hoppy
version of an American staple, the IPA.  
Smells of grapefruit dominate with some
pineapple notes.  The flavor brings sweet
grapefruit and herbal notes. A light bready
malt base lingers in the backgrond with
some soft caramel notes. Finishes bitter with
residual hops.  A fine West Coast style IPA.

Overall Rating:  outstanding
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