From Bottles to Growlers- beer reviews by SANDY FELD, certified taster
Victory Lager

This gold, somewhat hazy brew begins with a faint bitter
character that evolves into a malty, balanced flavor in mid-sip.  
A subtle but growing hop spice then takes hold and brings
about a flowery, crisp finish.  Clearly a well crafted brew.

Overall Rating - very good
Leinenkugel's Original

Light, crisp, and clean with some hop notes that are
accentuated by perky carbonation.  There are hints of floral
spice and malty cereal.  This is a straightforward throwback to
the classic well made lagersin pre-prohibition days.

Overall Rating - above average
Having sampled well over 2,750 different beers in my
capacity as a fully certified taster I can promise
honest, thoughtful, and careful evaluations.  However,
remember that these reviews are totally subjective.  
Consider this column an informative resource only.  
The bottom line is to trust your own judgment and
keep drinking!  

Beers Reviewed
Trader Joe's Trinity Red Ale

Contract brewed for this national chain
of grocery stores, Trinity Red is a fruity,
hoppy brew with hints of hay, pepper
and rye.  It has quiet notes of
chocolate and roasted malt that build to
a spicy, tea flavored finish.

Overall rating - average
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