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From Bottles to Growlers- beer reviews by SANDY FELD, certified taster
Oxbow Wild Rivulet

This 5.5% wild ale a collaboration between Oxbow and Allagash.
The nose brings aromas of allples, vinegar, light pineapple, and  
cracker malts.  Taste brings notes of citrus, white wine grapes, and
a silky tartness most likely from its time in the foudre. Finish
brings bright fruits above a light sour/bitter base.  Well made beer.

Overall Rating: Outstanding -
Schneider Aventinus Eisbock

This is a 12% intense and complex Wheat-Doppelbock.  It opens
with an aroma of dark fruit, caramel, and sweet malt.  Taste
features banana,figs, dates, yeast,leather, dried fruit molasses,  
and cinnamon.  An alcohol tastes is present throughout but stays in
the background.  A tad too sweet for me and slightly oxidized but
still a decent example of a classic style.

Overall Rating: Good-
Having sampled over 8,000 different beers in my
capacity as a fully certified taster I can promise
honest, thoughtful, and careful evaluations.  However,
remember that these reviews are totally subjective.  
Consider this column an informative resource only.  
The bottom line is to trust your own judgment and
keep drinking!  

Beers Reviewed
Tree House Haze

This is an 8.2%. New England IPA from one
of the most highly regarded breweries in the
nation. Nose brings dank, tropical fruit,
onions papayas, and orange.  Taste features
sweet mango, pineapple,and dank pine,
Well crafted but for me slightly over rated.

Overall Rating: Very Good-
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