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From Bottles to Growlers- beer reviews by SANDY FELD, certified taster
Southern Tier Warlock

This is an 8.5% Imperial Stout brewed with pumpkins.   Aroma is
straight up banana nut bread.  Any pumpkin aroma seems to be
masked by the hand handed spices. It has a dark chocolate taste
with cinnamon and spice in the background.  The flavors do not
blend well and a noticeable alcohol heat at the finish.

Overall Rating: Below Average
Kane Indicators

This is a blend 7.4% New England IPA from one of the best
breweries in NJ.  It lives up to it's maker's reputation.  It opens with
smells of dank hops with loads of tropical fruit: pineapple, mango,
and guava. Taste brings a A tropical medley of mango, orange,
papaya, grapefruit, peach, pear, apricot, and pine with hints of
honey and bread,  Well balanced and most drinkable.

Overall Rating: Very Good +
Having sampled over 7,000 different beers in my
capacity as a fully certified taster I can promise
honest, thoughtful, and careful evaluations.  However,
remember that these reviews are totally subjective.  
Consider this column an informative resource only.  
The bottom line is to trust your own judgment and
keep drinking!  

Beers Reviewed
Stone ParaXranormal

This is a 7.7% ABV American IPA.  The nose
brings bright notes of pineapple, grapefruit,
orange, and resin.  Taste brings more of the
same with a light musty bitterness balanced
by a semi-sweet honey bread background.
Unfiltered but not quite the NEIPA you'd
hope for from a great brewery like Stone.
Nonetheless it's well worth trying.

Overall Rating: Good
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Oct. 2018