Beer is for More Than Drinking
                                    by Rose Jordan

Hello Bob -

I love drinking craft beer but have to admit that sometimes I just can't
finish an enter bottle or can.  For the longest time I simply, as I'm
guessing most everyone does, dumped the beer down the drain and
put the bottle into the recycling bin.  Then it struck me - maybe that
stale beer could be put to some productive use.  Well, I did a bit of
research and found some information.  I then tried every one of the
uses suggested.  Although a few didn't work and were downright
dumb, I found five that did the job.  So I'd like to share them with you
and your readers as proven winners at least by my experience.  If
you give them a try I'm sure you'll put every drop of leftover beer to
good use.  

1. Used it on stains Remove stains and while it wasn't a miracle it
actually made most of the stain go away.  I specifically used it on
a rug where I spilled coffee while watching TV one morning, I just
pour the beer over the stain and blotted it with a clean towel.  For
fun I also used a carpet cleaner on part of the same stain.  Guess
what?  The beer worked a little better.

2. My old coffee table was a real mess. The wood's luster and shine
were gone.  I was thinking of getting a new one so really didn't care if
my experiment didn't work.  I poured some stale, flat beer on a clean
cloth and gently but firmly rubbed it into the wood.  It worked.  The
table looked bright, clean, and years newer.  So much so that I
never did go and buy a new table.

3. I'm guessing people know about this but maybe didn't think it was
true, at least I didn't until I actually tried it.  I put beer in my hair to
see what would happen.  No it's not a shampoo but rather like a
rinse.  I actually gave my hair a lovely shine and glow.  Supposedly
it's because of  the vitamin B and natural sugars in the beer.  I really
don't care why, I just know it worked.  Here's what I did  Dump it ov-
dumped the beer over my hair and let it sit for a few minutes.  I then   
rinsed it out with cold water.  Easy and effective!

4. I have a nice patio and like to entertain outdoors however this
summer the mosquitoes are so bad I felt like a pin cushion.  I had to
move several parties inside because my guests were complaining so
much.  By the way, I tried citronella candles and some sort of spray
but they didn't do the job.  Ah, but beer came to the rescue.  Here's
what I did and it worked to the surprise of my guests who started
laughing at me when I tried it.  I poured leftover, stale beer into
buckets and placed them in the corners of my backyard. I used a
lager by the way.  That worked but I don't know if other styles will.
Anyway, it seems the flies and mosquotes like beer as much as I do.  
They stayed around the beer for most of the evening.   

5.  I was complaining to a friend that some of my gold jewelry had
lost a lot of its brightness and shine.  Then it struck me.  If beer can
give a shine to my hair why not try it on the jewelry.  Figuring I
couldn't hurt it, I put my gold jewelry in a dish of beer. I felt silly at
first but decided to let it soak.  After a while removed, rinsed, and
gently polish it a dry cloth.  I thought it worked better than a lot of
cleaners I had bought in the store.

6.  This is my last tip.  I tried it two times and it worked twice.  Well, to
tell the truth one time it worked great, but the second time iit didn't
do a thing.  I used the beer to loosen a rusty bolt.  I poured the beer
on it, waited, then used all my strength.  My thought was the acids in
the beer would break up the rust a bit.  

When I showed my friend this article she said it wouldn't be useful to
her because she always finishes ever beer and never has any stale
stuff leftover.  She may have a point.

Well, I hope you might find some of this interesting and helpful  
Thanks Bob and thanks for such an entertaining column each month.
Many thanks Rose for sending such a unique article. It was especially
interesting.  You've provided  some fun tips that almost anyone could
use.  I look forward to trying a few of them myself.

Please write again.

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about
anything related to beer in any way just as Rose did.   I select
the best and publish them here.  So join in and get writing!

BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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